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    33 Products To Help Make It Look Like You've Got Your Life Together On Video Calls

    Nobody needs to know your PJ bottoms are on their third day right now.

    1. There's a reason why this model looks so put-together despite just wearing a hoodie and a stunning bandana – this headband will transform your loungewear into a ~lewk~ in no time.

    2. These blemish patches will cover any spots you've got while healing them at the same time. Yeah, I'm going to need these immediately, thanks.

    3. This pendant necklace will make any top you throw it over look way more intentional.

    4. This denim jacket is a classic for a very good reason. You can chuck it over almost any top or dress for an instantly complete outfit!

    5. This double-breasted blazer screams "summer", but in the most professional way possible.

    6. If you get surprised by a video call and need something to chuck your desk clutter in, this handy AF box is ideal. It folds for easy storage when it's not in use, too!

    7. Good earrings add a finishing touch to any outfit, and these celestial ones are out of this world.

    8. This seven-in-one styling product from Dr Paw Paw works on dry and damp hair alike, so your hair can look great regardless of how long it's been since you last washed it.

    9. This simple high-neck top says "sophisticated and sleek" (rather than, let's say, "only realised this video meeting was happening five minutes before it started").

    10. Transform your day-three hair into a pretty, low-effort 'do with these stunning organza scrunchies.

    11. This turtleneck top has no right to be as pretty as it is, but here we are.

    12. Bring some greenery indoors, create a pretty video-friendly section in your room, and cover any boring walls all at the same time with these decorative vines.

    13. You'll be able to convince people your look was fully thought-out with these face-shaped earrings.

    14. This V-neck blouse is the perfect combo of pretty and breathable.

    15. This UV nail polish dryer will ensure your nails don't smudge after you paint them (because let's face it, that cold water hack isn't cutting it).

    16. This Egyptian skin clay mask will help you to look flawless on FaceTime.

    17. This boxy short-sleeved blouse is as wearable as it is ~edgy~.

    18. These under-eye gel pads will refresh your peepers in minutes, perfect if you don't need everyone to know how late you stayed up last night watching Netflix (i.e. if you're me).

    19. Keep your lips from looking dry with this balm from Mario Badescu.

    20. This stunning dress looks businesslike but is comfortable enough to wear at home.

    21. This billowy dress feels like a nightgown and looks incredible (the dream combo if you ask me).

    22. Ensure your skin looks as good as possible on camera by using one of these self-heating masks.

    23. I'm not saying you have to sit in front of this stunning floral tapestry during your video calls. I'm just saying, it'd look pretty good if you did.

    24. This embroidered dress will make it seem like you just came in from tending your garden, rather than just waking up five minutes before and chucking something comfy on.

    25. This linen shirt dress says "I own 51% of this company".

    26. If you want people to see the clothes you have on and not the ones that are on your floor, this laundry basket is an easy place to store them. Plus, it's so pretty that it's practically decor!

    27. Keep your locks looking luscious with this Coco & Eve hair masque set. It comes with a detangling brush, too, perfect if you need to give your hair a once-over after not brushing it for a while.

    28. This retro-look skater dress is flowy and pretty.

    29. These stunning earrings will make you look and feel way more pulled-together in no time.

    30. Whether you work from your room or just like to call your friends in your own space, this duvet set will make your place look summer-fresh.

    31. Make a statement with this puff-sleeve crop top (and that statement is "I would NEVER wake up just before a meeting and chuck the nearest item of clothing on".)

    32. Bring some ~natural~ vibes into your home while giving the impression of being a great plant parent with this large artificial succulent.

    33. This crinkled blouse looks effortlessly chic and feels incredibly comfortable.