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    21 Long-Lasting Products Under £9 You'll Probably Only Have To Buy Once

    These won't hurt your pocket or the environment!

    1. This W7 eraser will get rid of your makeup without the waste.

    2. Sick of using all that clingfilm and tinfoil? Take these silicone sandwich bags instead, and save on plastic!

    3. Your pet can't chew through this extra thick lead.

    4. A dehumidifier is perfect for colder, wetter months.

    5. This safety razor opens up, so replacing the blade is fast and safe.

    6. Those lil' plastic bags you put loose fruit and veg in at the supermarket can feel really wasteful! These mesh produce bags are a great way to save plastic.

    7. You can wipe off these chalkboard labels and write something new on them whenever you want to – no need to keep using new labels on your jars anymore!

    8. You can put your own coffee grounds into these reusable pods!

    9. Dog owners say this toy lasts, and it cleans their pet's teeth while they chew!

    10. Unlike regular hair bands, Invisibobble hair ties won't break at the clasp!

    11. This glass lunchbox won't get stained by tomato juice, and it's BPA-free as well!

    12. This knife sharpener sticks to your countertop, so it won't move around while it's doing its job!

    13. This 2m iPhone charger lead won't break easily.

    14. These tumble dryer balls are real multipurpose heroes.

    15. These earphones are long-lasting, and customers say the sound quality is great too!

    16. De-fluff your life with this reusable lint roller.

    17. You honestly can't go wrong with a good reusable coffee cup, and most coffee chains even give you discounts for bringing your own!

    18. These Teflon mats will protect the base of your oven.

    19. A glass nail file will last way longer than a normal emery board (plus, how pretty is this one?!)

    20. You can use these microfibre cloths on your screens instead of individual wipes!

    21. If you get periods, a menstrual cup might be worth considering.