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    27 Long-Lasting Products You'll Probably Still Be Using Way Past 2022

    These have some serious staying power.

    1. Love your flat mop but hate buying endless disposable pads? You can keep your floors AND your conscience clean thanks to these washable microfibre covers.

    2. Save yourself from having to face a fogged-up windshield in the morning with this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    3. Your stainless steel surfaces will sparkle after you use this specially-designed cloth on them.

    4. This descaler ball will prevent the Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    5. If you're tired of paying the big bucks for laundry detergent (and let's face it, who isn't?), this reusable laundry egg is ideal.

    6. This double-sided cleaning pad will clean your pots and pans using only water.

    7. Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate these silicone baking sheets.

    8. Your clothes will dry faster and feel softer when you use these adorable tumble dryer buddies – in fact, they might even eliminate your need for fabric conditioner!

    9. This knife sharpener will bring your blades back to their former glory in no time.

    10. You can run these Teflon oven liners through the dishwasher whenever you need to.

    11. This mini funnel is completely collapsible, so it won't take up much space when it's not in use. Also, you can tell me you wouldn't find popping it out to its full size and then pressing it back down into a disc incredibly fun, but I won't believe you.

    12. I cannot stop thinking about this incredible timer that changes colour according to how cooked your eggs are.

    13. Okay, hear me out here – this ear wax removal syringe has actually gotten some rave reviews and won't push the wax further into your ear like cotton buds can.

    14. These reusable silicone cupcake cases are honestly an upgrade from the regular paper kinds.

    15. Take off your makeup with a couple of swipes of this water-activated cleansing cloth.

    16. You'll be able to use this pet hair-removing roller over and over again.

    17. If you've been meaning to buy a menstrual cup for a while but haven't gotten around to it yet, consider this bargain double pack a sign.

    18. This anti-limescale ball works in your dishwasher and your washing machine, and it can last up to five years(!).

    19. Lighter always running out of gas? Don't worry – this flameless USB-powered one has got you covered.

    20. Want to remove your makeup effectively without the waste? These reusable rounds are great at their job AND good for the planet!

    21. This adjustable bed desk might just change the way you work from home.

    22. If you live in a hard water area, this screw-on shower head will make the water you wash with softer.

    23. This soap saver is so simple yet so smart.

    24. Clean in between your teeth with this USB-rechargeable water flosser.

    25. I'd tried every hack in the book to keep my freezer ice-free before finally landing on these frost-preventing freezer liners.

    26. Users say that these under-the-bed suspenders actually will keep your sheets in place no matter how much you toss and turn.

    27. Getting rid of that annoying puddle at the base of your fridge might seem like an impossible problem, but this specially-designed brush promises to solve it.

    You using these products years from now: