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    19 Thoughtful Gifts From Not On The High Street That Fit Through A Letterbox

    Cute AND convenient? Yes, please.

    In case you didn't know, Not On The High Street has a section of their site dedicated to products which fit through a standard letterbox. Here are some of our fave picks:

    1. If they prefer experiences over objects, this personalised 'escape room in a box' gift is ideal.

    2. Bookworms will adore this classic book and hot drink set. You can choose from one of 13 novels to send them, and then add tea, coffee, or hot chocolate to go with it!

    3. These monogrammed hair slides come in all the letters of the alphabet. Their matchbox container includes a touching message!

    4. Okay, but how cute is this mini jar of happiness?!

    5. If they love nature, the chances are that they'll adore this leather notebook and stationery set.

    6. You can't go too far wrong with a pack of six decadent brownies (especially when they're so well-loved by reviewers!).

    7. Pamper your pals with this six-piece organic spa collection.

    8. Let them know that you're thinking about them by sending this porcelain elephant that comes in a matchbox.

    9. You can put whatever image you like onto this oak veneer fridge magnet.

    10. Chocoholics will be delighted to receive this box of cocoa-based goodies.

    11. This forget-me-not 'thinking of you' set is incredibly touching. It comes with a pressed flower pendant necklace and a personalised card!

    12. I can't get over how clever (and mess-free) this colour-in Christmas tree is! It's ideal for your pals who have kids, or any friends who are into crafting.

    13. Treat the vegan in your life to this plant-based hot chocolate set. It includes gelatine-free marshmallows!

    14. Bring some elefun to their day (I'm so sorry) with these earrings.

    15. These tasty pieces of Scottish tablet have adorable lil' phrases stamped onto them.

    16. If you want to give them something truly indulgent, this set of 18 delicate macarons is perfect. You can personalise the card that comes inside the box too!

    17. There's something so wholesome about this beginner-friendly sewing kit.

    18. Give them the gift of a great night's sleep thanks to this 'sleepy head' kit. They'll receive six luxurious products, including an all-natural sleeping balm stick and an eye mask made from 100% Mulberry silk!

    19. And last but most definitely not least, the sides of this 75cl bottle of rosé wine have been flattened to help it fit through a standard letterbox.

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