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    33 Things Under £10 That Might Just Make Your Kitchen A Better Place To Be

    These are all just *chef's kiss*.

    1. This silicone dish sponge won't absorb as much mess as the regular kinds do.

    2. This Friends tea towel is incredible.

    3. These reusable poachers are an easy way to achieve perfect eggs.

    4. These personalised fridge drawers are a great way to separate your meat from your veg.

    5. This useful cookbook is filled with inexpensive, delicious recipes.

    6. This gorgeous mug is ofishally my favourite.

    7. Make sure your fingers stay safe from your blades with this stainless steel finger guard!

    8. These wooden spoons come in a variety of designs, including a tilted teardrop shape that's perfect for keeping food off the edge of your pot while you're stirring.

    9. These self-adhesive tile stickers are about to become the star of your kitchen. They're perfect for making a backsplash!

    10. You can pick your initial from all the letters of the alphabet with one of these stoneware coasters.

    11. If you love to make your own pasta, you'll probably be a fan of these ravioli cutters.

    12. This gorgeous bowl is a seriously pretty statement piece.

    13. Cloth napkins are super classy – these cotton ones are gorgeous.

    14. Sure, maybe these gold-look teaspoons are extra. Or maybe the usual kinds aren't extra enough.

    15. Sharpen your knives the easy way with this handheld tool.

    16. How cute is this sloth cookie cutter?!

    17. These nature-themed cotton tea towels are all stunners.

    18. Choose your fave oven glove design from these four floral options.

    19. Clean your pots and pans in style by using this bamboo brush.

    20. This copper-look stainless steel sieve has no right to look as good as it does.

    21. BRB, about to buy this patterned glass water jug.

    22. I'm not saying these boho magnets have to go on your fridge. I'm just saying, they'd look pretty great if they did.

    23. Or, if you prefer, you can try out these Scrabble tile-themed fridge magnets instead.

    24. This large wooden tray is perfect for everything from storing food to serving breakfast in bed. The dark finish makes it look way more expensive than it actually is, too!

    25. This blue bamboo serving plate is stunning.

    26. These measuring cups and spoons are really handy if you love to bake at home.

    27. This metal wire basket is the perfect place to store your utensils.

    28. And you can use this matching basket for your cutlery!

    29. Feel ~fancy~ with this espresso mug and saucer set. You can choose from white and gold or pink and gold!

    30. This bread basket will make give your kitchen instant charm and incredibly ~rustic~ vibes.

    31. Bring spring into your kitchen with these cheery cupcake cases.

    32. Plan a ~sophisticated~ afternoon tea with this cake slice.

    33. Make your bakes showstopper-worthy with this piping kit!