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    "It Was Going To Be My First Time Kissing A Married Man" – 11 Kissing Scenes Actors Hated, And 6 They Absolutely Refused To Do

    "I was like, ‘This is Disney Channel! We don't kiss like that on Disney Channel!'"

    Sure, kissing a gorgeous Hollywood actor ~sounds~ like a great time, but for personal, religious, and, well, bacterial reasons, it turns out that smooching on set can be a lot more challenging than you'd think.

    So, we thought we'd share the actors who hated their on-screen kisses — and some who flat-out refused to canoodle their co-stars altogether!

    1. Liam Hemsworth says Jennifer Lawrence's breath stank during their on-screen The Hunger Games kisses.

    Here's Liam talking about the kisses:

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    2. Speaking of the actor, Jennifer Lawrence didn't want to kiss a married Chris Pratt in Passengers.

    3. Reese Witherspoon didn't want to kiss Robert Pattinson in Water For Elephants — for good reason.

    You'd never know:

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    4. Thandiwe Newton said "no, thanks" to kissing Gerard Butler for RocknRolla for more or less the same reason.

    It's okay, people! They have smooched since!

    5. Kristen Stewart had a hard time kissing Taylor Lautner on Twilight.

    It's because it was never meant to be, Stewart!!!!!

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    6. Orlando Bloom and Zoe Saldaña both hated kissing each other in Haven.

    7. Millie Bobby Brown called her Stranger Things kiss with Finn Wolfhard "the most awkward thing in the world".

    8. Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried didn't want to kiss each other in Jennifer's Body.

    Here she is talking about it:

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    9. Denzel Washington didn't kiss Julia Roberts in Pelican Brief for lots of reasons.

    10. Colin Farrell had conflicted feelings about kissing Kate Beckindale, his director's wife, on the set of Total Recall.

    Watch the video here:

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    11. Will Smith regrets not kissing Anthony Michael Hall in Six Degrees of Separation.

    12. Ashley Tisdale said that kissing Zac Efron on The Suite Life Of Zach and Cody felt like "brother".

    Watch the video here:

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    13. Lindsay Lohan didn't kiss Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5 due to his party-loving reputation.

    14. Brad Pitt didn't kiss Cate Blanchett at all in The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button.

    15. Neal McDonough won't kiss anyone on screen, at all.

    16. Sandra Bullock allegedly complained about Ben Affleck's bad breath after filming Forces of Nature with him.

    Still, if it is true, it was worth it:

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    17. Penn Badgley said that he had his "worst" kiss with Blake Lively on Gossip Girl.

    I'm sorry, but his pain was our gain:

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    Do you think we missed any big examples? Let us know in the comments below!