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    John Lewis Have Added Even More Lines To Their Summer Sale – Here Are Some Of Our Fave Deals

    Most of these are half price!

    FYI, John Lewis are having a huge summer sale right now with up to 51% off! We went through the deals to find some of our fave offers.

    1. This half-price duvet set gets a 10/10 from me.

    2. This linen-blend shirt dress is comfortable, effortlessly gorgeous, AND 50% off.

    3. This 70%-off jug has absolutely no business looking as good as it does, but here we are.

    4. You'll turn some heads while wearing this half-price maxi dress.

    5. The only thing better than these gorgeous gin glasses is the fact that they're half-off.

    6. Save 50% on this tiered jersey dress!

    7. Um, a Le Creuset casserole set for 40% off? Yes, please.

    8. And while we're on the topic of cooking, these nonstick ramekins are half price.

    9. This oh-so-trendy terrazzo lamp is currently a third off.

    10. Save 28% on this gorgeous cropped jumpsuit!

    11. Upgrade your cutlery collection for half price with this 24-piece set.

    12. This electric pepper mill is down by 50%!

    13. I love the blue and gold rims of these half-price sunglasses.

    14. And this 50%-off pink pair is equally gorgeous!

    15. I hit 'add to cart' as soon as I saw that this adorable dog-shaped rug was half-price.

    16. Save an impressive 50% on BECCA's 'Ultimate Coverage' foundation.

    17. I'm struggling to believe that this Kenwood food processor is 23% off, but here we are.

    18. The only thing better than this cat-print blouse is the fact that it's 51% off.

    19. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this 30%-off Orla Kiely teapot today!

    20. You can't go too far wrong with a classic cotton sweatshirt (especially when it's 20% off).

    21. If I ever seem distracted, it's probably because I'm thinking about these half-price elephant nesting bowls.

    22. Nab this stunning duvet cover set while it's half price.

    23. These breezy culottes are perfect for summer. They're currently down by 44%!

    24. I love the cottagecore vibes of this floral cushion (and I'm a pretty huge fan of its 50% discount too).

    25. Get glowing for 30% less with Laura Mercier's highlighter trio.

    26. Home cooks will end up using this set of four knives all the time. They're half-off at the moment!

    27. Snap up this gorgeous linen dress for 41% less than you'd usually pay.

    28. These wine glasses are an absolute steal at 50% off.

    29. And these stunning tumblers have an equally gorgeous 50% discount!

    30. If (like me) you see nothing wrong with an all-black summer wardrobe, this half-price checkered dress might just make your day.

    31. There's something so stunning about BECCA's 'Ultimate' lipstick (and no, I'm not just talking about its 50% price reduction).

    32. I genuinely can't think of an outfit that this 40%-off overshirt wouldn't go with.

    33. These silicone utensils come with a nifty carousel for easy access. The whole set is half price!

    34. Sorry, but these bright orange sandals might just be the most stunning pair of shoes I've seen in months. They're down by 52%!

    35. And while we're on the topic, these half-price zip-up ankle boots are made from real suede.

    36. This (frankly beautiful) bath mat is 32% off at the moment.

    37. This mini roaster is 1) made from real copper and 2) 50% off right now. What's not to love?

    38. This jute and cotton bucket bag is a bargain at 50% off.

    39. This half-price collapsible colander folds flat when it's not in use!

    Want to check out even more deals? You can view John Lewis' entire summer sale by clicking here.

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