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    So I Just Found Out About Amazon's Groceries Section And NGL, It's Blowing My Mind

    Turns out they've been carrying Morrison's, Whole Foods, and Booths this entire time!

    Amazon UK have a section on their site called Amazon Fresh, where you can order everything from meat to eggs to frozen veg and snacks from your Prime account. They've also got a section called Amazon Pantry, where you can nab store cupboard essentials like biscuits and toiletries!

    First of all, the product range is pretty incredible. They carry Morrisons, for example...

    Hello, delicious-looking pizza.

    And they've got Whole Foods on board, too.

    We say YES to vegan mayonnaise, thank you very much.

    They've got Booths' line in store as well!

    *adds this chicken jalfreizi to cart*

    There's also a freshness guarantee on fruit and veg, which means the produce will get to you at their peak. It applies to everything from these apples...

    ...to these Monaghan chestnut mushrooms.

    It's not just limited to food and drink, either! Amazon Pantry offers everything from kitchen roll...

    ...to this washing powder (seriously, how great does that lychee and passionfruit scent sound?!).

    Also, if I could just quickly point our that these highly-rated Jaffa Cakes are 98p for a twin pack(!!!).

    As if all that wasn't enough for you, Prime members can order all this stuff for same-day delivery.

    So, just to recap: you can choose from a huge range of groceries on Amazon Fresh by clicking here.

    And for store cupboard essentials, check out Amazon Pantry by clicking here!

    Me to myself when I found out about all of this: