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    16 Insanely Cute Things For People Who Just Really Love Stationery

    It might not actually be possible to have enough cute pens.

    1. A little stapler that is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like a panda.

    2. This cute lil' animal-shaped memo holder.

    3. Some super fun sticky notes.

    4. This gorge set of pencil cases.

    5. Some incredibly sweet animal pens.

    6. These really pretty pastel highlighters.

    7. A stunning document organiser.

    8. One of these old-timey notebooks.

    9. Some easy-to-use watercolour pens.

    10. This adorable cactus pen and diary set.

    11. This Harry Potter letter writing kit.

    12. Some pig-shaped paperclips, which are way cuter than the normal kind.

    13. This highly ~aesthetic~ set of seven pastel washi tapes.

    14. This really highly-rated calligraphy set.

    15. A magnetic cactus pen holder.

    16. A pack of twelve (very cute) small notepads.