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    "Spongebob" Fans Are Speculating On The Gruesome Deaths Of Their Favorite Characters, And We're Horrified By Some Of These Theories

    The Sandy case... I can't.

    If you're 1) chronically online and 2) a huge Spongebob SquarePants fan, I think you and I should be friends. I also think I should tell you about an eerie new internet trend — it turns out that Spongebob fans have been posting their macabre theories to the show's Wikis for a while now.

    TikTokers like @justindark98 are going viral after sharing these bizarre fan theories online. "How did Sandy Cheeks die," the creator begins their video, before reading the fan-created Wiki submission and ending with "who is writing this shit?".


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    Some have speculated that fans resorted to these morbid tactics because they felt the quality of the show had gone down. So, to make sense of the changes they didn't like, they imagined the deaths of some of their beloved characters.

    We thought we'd share some of the most unusual — and frankly gruesome — Spongebob fan death theories with you, mined straight from the fan Wikis. Bear in mind that these are absolutely not canon.

    How does Sandy die, according to fans?

    How does Patrick die, according to fans?

    How does Squidward die, according to fans?

    How does Mr Krabs die, according to fans?

    How does Spongebob die, according to fans?

    Well, that was horrible. Do you know of any other truly horrific fan theories, or just want to deep-clean your eyes after reading these? Let us know in the comments below!