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    19 Products To Help You Nail A Home Manicure While The Salons Are Closed

    For everything from creating your own nail art to removing old gels.

    1. This double-sided file will help to keep the tips of your nails even and decrease their chance of breaking.

    2. Remove varnish the easy way with this nail polish remover twist pot.

    3. This manicure kit contains everything you need to keep your nails looking tip-top.

    4. Remove gel nails at home with some acetone, a nail file (the one mentioned earlier is perfect), and one of these pointed nail sticks.

    5. If you want a "your nails but better" look, this brightening polish is perfect.

    6. This UV nail lamp from Bauer is perfect for quickly drying your nail polish (because let's face it, that cold water hack isn't cutting it).

    7. Fix those annoying lil' mistakes the easy way with this nail polish corrector pen.

    8. Do your own French manicure at home with a combo of this pink or beige base nail polish and some white tip paint.

    9. This beautiful Moonfish shade from Barry M is just *chef's kiss*.

    10. These pearly pink press-on nails SCREAM "spring".

    11. These hand mask gloves will nourish and brighten the skin on your hands AND it'll hydrate your nails.

    12. This three-in-one nail hardener is great if your nails have been a lil' delicate lately.

    13. These metallic nail tapes are a great way to create straight lines on your nail designs, and they're pretty enough to act as decoration in and of themselves too.

    14. You'll be over the moon (sorry) with these stunning celestial nail stickers.

    15. Keep your nails and cuticles hydrated with this nourishing oil.

    16. Make sure your manicure stays put for weeks with the incredibly effective Seche Vite top coat.

    17. Just a drop of this quick-dry liquid will help to make your nail polish touch-dry in as little as 60 seconds (yes, really).

    18. You can create your own nail extensions and so much more with this extensive kit, which is pretty much a nail salon in a box.

    19. Keep the skin around your nails healthy with this protective cream.