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    46 Things Under £10 That Might Just Make Your Home A Better Place To Live

    Homebodies, our time has come.

    1. Keep everything from your tiles to your walls stain-free while ensuring your hands stay dry with this sponge.

    2. Got a lot of clothes and only a little bit of space? Same. These drop-down hangers solve that problem by allowing you to store five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger (genius, right?!).

    3. Look, we've all got that one ugly wall we really want to cover. This tarot-style wall hanging will do the job in style!

    4. I'm sorry, your bathroom just isn't complete without this set of gorgeous vegan bath bombs.

    5. These three little hanging storage units are as pretty as they are practical.

    6. If you love to cook, this garlic rocker is faster, smarter, and easier-to-clean than a regular garlic press.

    7. Speaking of cooking, these low-key genius waste collectors fit right over your cupboard doors for a seamless fit below your countertops.

    8. Limescale on your taps is never fun, but it can be hard to work out a way to submerge them in descaler. This handy tool solves that problem!

    9. These fairy lights are just *chef's kiss*.

    10. The only thing better than a great mug is a great mug with a cat-shaped lid.

    11. This Bin Buddy powder absorbs all the excess moisture in your bin liner, so your bin bag won't leak or spill. The citronella in this stuff will make your bin smell fresh, and it could even help repel flies too!

    12. If you want a toilet roll holder but not the effort and time it takes to install it, this self-adhesive one might be just what you were looking for.

    13. Make sure your sheets stay put with this set of four suspenders that you can pop under your mattress for extra security.

    14. These rubber anti-vibration feet will help to reduce the noise and vibration of washing machines and tumble dryers.

    15. I mean, just look at this stunning geometric candle holder.

    16. Make sure the air in your home doesn't have too much moisture with this highly-rated dehumidifier, which doesn't require batteries or electricity to run.

    17. These reusable silicone baking mats distribute heat more evenly than the alternatives do, making it better for home bakers or anyone who wants to reduce their waste.

    18. Stick these motion-sensor lights above your countertops or into your cupboard to help you see better without having to worry about wasting electricity when you leave the kitchen.

    19. This panda-shaped plant pot is unforgettable.

    20. This non-slip bath mat is adorable and functional. It's available in seven different colours!

    21. This unreasonably chic ring holder is available in blue, pink, gold, and white.

    22. This (actually very clever) cutlery drawer from Joseph Joseph 1) takes up about a third of the space of a regular one and 2) makes mixing up your knives and your forks way less likely to happen.

    23. This salt and pepper set will seriously shake up your decor!

    24. Clear out those hard-to-reach spots, like the spot behind your taps or the inside of your windowsills, with this teeny-tiny brush (ugh, the satisfaction).

    25. Upgrade your bath with this waterproof pillow, which has suction cups at the back for easy application.

    26. These satin pillowcases are kind to your hair and skin, helping to reduce frizz while adding a touch of luxe to your room. They come in pink, white, blue, and black!

    27. This highly-rated silicone plug is universal, so no matter what size your drains are, it'll make an effective stopper.

    28. This ionic shower head turns the water in your shower soft via the beads in its handle, so your shampoo will lather faster with this thing! Just screw it into your existing shower hose and you're done.

    29. If you've got a pet, this anti-spill water bowl is pretty much a must. It's available in seven different colours!

    30. Make sure you always have a place to hang your coat with these over-the-door hooks.

    31. This Totoro-shaped toothbrush holder sticks to any smooth surface you want to place it on, from glass to ceramic to marble.

    32. Transform your plain surfaces with this textured wood-look contact paper. It's got a grid on the back for easy cutting, and customers say the effect is super realistic.

    33. This utensil holder has absolutely no right to be as pretty as it is.

    34. Make sure your bar soap doesn't get slimy and create a sticky mess on your sink with this soap saver.

    35. Add some rustic charm to your kitchen with one of these cotton tablecloths, which are available in four different colours.

    36. Store your plates the smart way with this multi-tier storage unit that's designed to fit right into the corner of your cupboards.

    37. This set of three professional carbon steel knives will seriously help you out in the kitchen.

    38. Protect the shelves of your fridge with this pack of four washable sheets.

    39. Keep bugs and draughts out with this self-adhesive guard, which sweeps your floors when you open and close the door! Plus, it helps to soundproof your room.

    40. This velvet-feel cushion cover is available in 28 different colours, and its invisible zip makes it look completely seamless.

    41. These stunning candles smell as great as they look! They come in sets of three, and the scents include rose, vanilla, and jasmine.

    42. Who wouldn't want a plush panda fridge magnet? Because I know I want about nine.

    43. Sick of being kept awake by streetlights and car lamps? These blackout curtains could help, and they'll help to keep your room warm too! Available in 16 different colours, there's something for all kinds of decor.

    44. With over 14,930 reviews and a 4.6-star average rating, this thick fleece blanket must be so popular for a reason. You can get it in 13 different colours!

    45. Store your lil' bits and bobs in this pretty tray!

    46. And last but not least, these oven liners will protect the base of your cooker from stains and spills. You can remove them and wash them in the sink or dishwasher when they get a bit grimy!

    Footage of you going outside after you've got your house *just* how you like it:

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