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    47 Cute Home Accessories You Might Not Believe Are Under £15

    Including a spud-shaped light and some adorable Friends fridge magnets!

    1. This touch-activated night light is about to become your new best spuddy.

    2. I'm absolutely bespotted with this candle holder.

    3. BEHOLD this dinomite egg cup.

    4. Sorry, but if you say you don't love these fairy lights, al-pac-a my bags and LEAVE.

    5. These incredible candles look like lil' Scrabble letters! Choose yours from all the letters of the alphabet.

    6. You can write whatever messages you like on this retro-style peg board!

    7. No-one told you fridge magnets were gonna be this cute!

    8. This sloth-shaped rug is almost too cute to own. Almost.

    9. These foliage fairy lights look unbelievably sophisticated.

    10. Transform your tub with this fully submergible disco light!

    11. These salt and pepper shakers look (and I cannot stress this enough) like old Coca-Cola bottles.

    12. This teeny-tiny Himalayan salt lamp has absolutely no right to be as cute as it is.

    13. I'm in Modern Love with this Bowie tea towel.

    14. You can personalise this coaster with whatever message you like, and then send it to someone you care about (aww).

    15. You can make your own owl-shaped doorstop with this absolute hoot of a kit.

    16. This welcome mat is about to really perk up your home!

    17. You'll be over the moon with this celestial earring holder!

    18. Make yourself comfortable no matter where you are with this lilac twist cushion.

    19. Bring some tropical vibes into your house with these artificial hanging ivy bunches.

    20. This mini candle comes in three different stunning scents – elderflower, peony, and citrus!

    21. This mini pot and holder combo is absolutely plantastic.

    22. This painted mug is offishally my favourite.

    23. If you love Star Wars, you'll probably adore this Millennium Falcon storage tin (oh, and it's perfect for Father's Day too!).

    24. This small woven bamboo pot has some seriously summery vibes!

    25. This glass oil and vinegar bottle is perfect for summer salads.

    26. You can grow your own coffee in the cutest pot imaginable with one of these kits.

    27. These cactus fridge magnets are as cute as they are inexpensive.

    28. This small ceramic pot gets a 10/10 from me.

    29. This tealight holder is just *chef's kiss*.

    30. Potterheads will adore this Hedwig-shaped trinket dish.

    31. This champagne flute is incredibly glam.

    32. This bamboo bath mat is 1) gorgeous and 2) naturally water-repellent.

    33. You can place everything from photos to dried flowers in this large frame.

    34. And this tiger-motif tea towel is purrfect!

    35. This moon garland is outrageously pretty.

    36. Liven up your shelf, windowsill, or desk with this ceramic pineapple.

    37. This small avocado cushion will make you say "aww" every time you see it.

    38. This toucan-shaped hook won't leave you with a big bill (I'm so sorry).

    39. This gold and glass mirrored tray is sure to stun.

    40. Choose your initial from this selection of alphabet marble and metal ring holders!

    41. This black rattan mirror looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    42. Choose your star sign from these astrological tapestries.

    43. You can cover up that boring wall with this bucket list movie poster that recommends film ideas when you scratch off a square.

    44. How cute is this mini coconut jute pot?!

    45. Bring the summer bloom indoors with this rose garland.

    46. You can place or hang up this gorgeous fan anywhere in your home for a sunny finish.

    47. These Himalayan salt rock tealight holders will look adorable no matter where you put them.

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