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    19 DIY Home Decor Kits That Are As Fun To Make As They Are To Look At

    They're all beginner-friendly and most are under £20, too!

    1. This paint-by-numbers canvas comes with oil paints, instructions, and wooden strips to help you frame your work when it's done.

    2. This adorable kit contains everything you need to create your own cat-shaped door stop.

    3. You can grow your own bonsai tree indoors with this incredible set.

    4. Sew your way into some out-of-this-world decor with this mini galaxy embroidery kit.

    5. You can tell me you didn't want to make these adorable hanging veggies the moment you saw them, but I won't believe you.

    6. This simple string art feather looks incredible.

    7. You can create your own floral garland from paper with the help of this handy set.

    8. This foxy decoration is made from one easy-to-use kit.

    9. Whoever invented this hanging money plant terrarium was having a serious lightbulb moment.

    10. We all know how fun LEGO is to assemble, and this LEGO architecture kit is pretty enough to display once it's completed too.

    11. This "Where's Bowie?" jigsaw puzzle is so pretty that you'll probably want to display it when it's completed.

    12. If you love plants but struggle to keep them alive, these paper succulents are pretty much the ideal solution.

    13. You can create your own concrete planter with this kit.

    14. You can clip everything from flowers to ticket stubs to photos onto these fairy light clips to create a kind of hanging scrapbook.

    15. You can create your own wooden ship with this kit.

    16. Create hanging plant pots, tapestries, and more with this macramé set.

    17. Harry Potter fans will enjoy making AND looking at this mechanical moving model of The Boy Who Lived.

    18. These transparent coasters open up, so you can fill them with photos, pressed flowers, and more.

    19. If you've always wanted to make your own candles, this beginner-friendly kit is here to help.