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    Here Are The Best Black Friday Weekend Home Deals You Can Get Right Now In The UK

    We're losing our minds over these bargains!

    It's Black Friday Weekend – the BIGGEST sale of the year where YOU can nab some of the best deals on the internet! We've looked through LOADS of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in their home category.

    FYI — deals move quickly on Black Friday Weekend. We’ll do our best to keep this post as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout the day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. This set of five rust-resistant stainless steel knives is 49% off.

    2. A 3rd Gen Echo Dot for 56% off.

    3. These gorge remote-operated string lights are down 52%.

    4. This fun juicer is 50% off. Start your morning off right!

    5. Save 28% on this fabric shaver, which is perfect for getting rid of those pesky bobbles on your clothes.

    6. This mini camera instantly prints your photos (and it's 27% off).

    7. This clear glass box (that's 20% off) is a great way to store and display your jewellery and knick-knacks.

    8. This wireless doorbell lets you see who's at the door via your phone, even if you're away. It's 34% off now!

    9. Home cooks will love this multifunctional handheld Tefal blender, which is currently 29% off.

    10. This salt lamp is 26% off and also such an aesthetic.

    11. This leaf-patterned shower curtain is 20% off and a great way to decorate your bathroom.

    12. This quiet but powerful coffee grinder is down 38% from its usual price.

    13. This owl container is perfect for storing your spare change, and it's 32% off right now!

    14. This huggable avocado heating pad is 38% off, and it's absolutely adorable.

    15. You can wash these Dyson vacuum filters using only cold water. With 32% off, they're an incredible deal too!

    16. You can snap up this pack of five Tefal pots for 27% off their original price. These ones have over 3,100 reviews with a 4.4-star average rating!

    17. This candle holder has a minimalist design and it's 20% off!

    18. This stainless steel coffee machine includes an in-built grinder, temperature control features, and so much more! It's 39% off right now.

    19. You can get this MasterClass induction-safe stock pot for 28% off.

    20. Add a bit of luxury to your home with these velvet curtains that are 20% off.

    21. This cordless Dyson vacuum is 25% off. It's easily adjustable, works without a cable, and has incredible suction power! Plus, it'll get at those hard-to-reach spots (like the gap under your bed) easily and smoothly.

    22. This handheld garment steamer that's 15% off will leave your clothes look fresh and wrinkle-free.

    23. This cushion cover (that's 20% off) has subtle bohemian vibes.

    24. Save 16% on this electric hand mixer set. It comes with one mixer, two beaters, and one whisk.

    25. This scented candle smells like winter and it's 20% off.

    26. This personal blender is super convenient AND 23% off.

    27. Combine humour and function with this bath mat that's 28% off.

    28. This meat grinder is 53% off.

    29. A space heater for 23% off.

    30. We love this stunning print, and the fact that it’s 20% off right now makes it even better.

    31. This record player is 13% off and it has a fun retro design.

    32. A handy 12-pack of Brita water filters for 31% off.

    33. This understated ceramic plate from H&M is 20% off right now.

    34. This furry llama cushion is 28% off and so cute.

    35. This printer is 22% off right now!

    36. You can finally buy that weighted blanket you’ve been thinking about now that this cotton one is 27% off!

    37. Get 50% off this Philips air fryer, which cooks food quickly and gives that incredible crispy finish to food while using hardly any oil.

    38. This robot vacuum cleaner is 41% off! You can program it remotely with your phone, and it'll work with both Alexa and Google Assistant. Science, man.

    39. Dot this set of 12 passionfruit-scented Yankee Candle tea lights around your home for some low-effort, sweet-smelling decor! The set is 21% off right now.

    40. Joseph Joseph are doing 30% off this handy sink organiser!

    41. Save 50% on this highly-rated cutting board that's especially god for carving meat or cutting bread.

    42. This Jamie Oliver iron grill pan is 31% down.

    43. Save 45% on this colour-changing, rechargeable touch-lamp.

    44. This magnetic phone holder is 33% off.

    45. This non-stick, quick-release cake tin is 36% off and it makes baking way easier.

    46. Save 40% on this gorgeous king-sized bedding set from Catherine Lansfield!

    47. These blackout curtains are 27% off, and you can get them in 23 different colours!