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    20 Helpful Things For People Whose Periods Are Super Rough

    Because a hot water bottle and an aspirin doesn't always cut it.

    1. This washable electric heat pad, which is perfectly designed for your lower back.

    2. These FabLittleBag individual sanitary disposal bags, for a bit of extra security.

    3. These highly reviewed period knickers – sometimes you can't really get enough protection!

    4. This quiet USB table fan that will cool you down without the noise.

    5. This machine-washable Velfont mattress protector, which doesn't have that plastic feel.

    6. A small Med-Fit TENS machine, designed to keep cramps at bay.

    7. These cycling shorts, which give you those precious extra inches of coverage!

    8. This adorable tampon and pads pouch, so you're never left in a *situation*.

    9. Some hydrogen peroxide, which cleans blood like a boss.

    10. Wireless headband earphones, so you can listen to podcasts without losing that *one* comfortable position.

    11. These reusable menstrual sea sponges, which are 100% natural!

    12. This sleeping bag liner, for when you just know your sheets won't make it.

    13. This comfortable hoodie blanket, because jeans aren't always an option.

    14. This gorge aroma diffuser to help you relax.

    15. These massage balls, for when everything aches.

    16. These organic seaweed snacks, which will cure your salt cravings and give you an iron boost at the same time!

    17. A bed desk, perfect for days when moving is off the menu.

    18. This memory foam leg cushion, which helps your circulation and your comfort.

    19. An organic and reusable menstrual cup, which holds more blood than tampons do.

    20. This snack vending machine, because we know how it is.