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    22 Tasty Foods You Might Not Find In Your Local Supermarket

    From masa harina to Reese's cereal(!).

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    1. Biscoff spread is perfect as a baking ingredient (it's absolutely amazing in cheesecakes and for icing), and it's great on some toast too!

    Amazon / Via

    Sorry, but who has ever wanted just one of those lil' coffee biscuits? They're comforting and caramel-y, so it's no wonder people want to spread that flavour all over their food!

    Price: £2 per 400g jar.

    2. Juniper berries are a great way to enhance the flavour of meats and stews.

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    These berries act as a spice – they're a little bit tart, a little bit woody, and a little bit citrusy. They go brilliantly with gamey meats and in sauerkraut recipes!

    Price: £3.40 per pack of 250g.

    3. 'Tis the season for some pumpkin spice – this mix is made in the UK!

    Amazon / Via

    Customers say this spice mix definitely doesn't disappoint! Not only does it taste great, it's organic and made in the UK as well. Just add this mix to cake batter, biscuit mix, or pie crust (why am I suddenly thinking about how great this would be mixed in with peanut butter too?)

    Price: £3.25.

    4. Freeze-dried strawberries make a pretty and tasty addition to your food!

    Amazon / Via

    This pack contains nothing but 100% freeze-dried fruit! These dried raspberries add texture, intense flavour, and a really pretty colour to your food (they'll make your desserts look super gourmet too!) And, if you're anything like me, you'll find that a handful of these on their own makes a pretty great snack.

    Price: £7.85.

    5. Pistachio butter is amazing – it'll mellow out super-sweet biscuits and icing, and it's great on bread too.

    Amazon / Via

    This creamy butter is incredible in baked goods, for icing, on crepes, and even on a slice of bread!

    Price: £9.73.

    6. Tamarind paste is an incredibly effective way to make your food taste fruitier, richer, and earthier.

    Amazon / Via

    If you've ever had an amazing curry or sauce and not been able to put your finger on what *that* flavour is, it could well be tamarind. This stuff is the secret to great barbecue sauces, curries, stews, and even brown sauce!

    Price: £2.60.

    7. This rice paper makes pretty and versatile fresh spring rolls in no time!

    Amazon / Via

    Just submerge one of these sheets in water for about a minute, take it out, place your fillings in the centre, and wrap for an easy and pretty Vietnamese-style spring roll!

    Price: £2.05.

    8. Melon liquor is a fun and fruity drink, perfect for the base of cocktails.

    Amazon / Via

    This stuff is sweet and refreshing, and it'll add a really unique and tasty element to anything you put it in. Made from premium Japanese melons, this brand has some great reviews! (You'll need proof of age to buy this stuff online, btw, which makes sense.)

    Price: £17.25 for 70cl.

    9. This box contains retro sweets, including Parma Violets and Refreshers.

    Amazon / Via

    This box is made as big as possible while still being able to fit through most letterboxes, and it'll give anyone who receives it a delicious nostalgia trip!

    Price: £7.99.

    10. Palm sugar is a great way to add sweetness to your food without making it too sickly.

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    Palm sugar is more subtle and mellow than cane or beet sugar, so you can use it in cooking without having to worry about overpowering your food!

    Price: £2.25.

    11. Tinned pumpkin puree is great for making pumpkin pies, brownies, breads, and more!

    Amazon / Via

    The hassle of cooking, cleaning, and decanting a pumpkin is a lot, so why not save some time with the tinned kind? This brand contains 100% natural pumpkin, so you know you're only getting the good stuff.

    Price: £12.99 for three tins.

    12. Coconut sugar has a really earthy, caramel-y flavour, and it smells amazing too!

    Amazon / Via

    This unrefined sugar is great used in baking, with chocolate, mixed with spices in biscuits, or added to cooking! It shares some of the dark and sweet flavour of brown sugar, but it's a little bit more subtle. It adds a caramel note to tea and coffee too!

    Price: £5.75 for a kilo.

    13. Avocado oil not only tastes great, but it can withstand high temperatures without getting smoky too.

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    This oil is great for high-heat cooking like frying because its smoke point (the stage at which an oil begins to visibly produce smoke) is incredibly high at 271 °C. For reference, the smoke point of butter is 150°C, and for olive oils, it's about 207°C. Plus, this stuff tastes great - chuck it on a salad or over some hummus as a buttery and light addition!

    Price: £6.94.

    14. Kirsch is a cherry liquor that'll change your baking game forever.

    Amazon / Via

    This stuff goes great with cherries (it's used all the time in Black Forest gateau), and it works amazingly well in sponge cakes too, adding a rich and fruity flavour!

    Price: £13.84.

    15. Citric acid is a multipurpose cooking hero – you can use it for homemade ricotta, sherbet (which is actually really easy to make), pop rocks, and more!

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    This incredibly sour ingredient is really commonly used in food, but most home cooks don't have any in their pantry. That's a shame, because this stuff can be used for loads of fun recipes, and its super tart taste is really hard to emulate with any other ingredient!

    Price: £3.29.

    16. Cacao nibs are great for when you want that chocolatey flavour without the sickly sweetness.

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    Not only do these lil' nibs taste great, they add a crunchy texture to your food too! Chuck them on some porridge or pop them on top of a chocolate pie for that amazing chocolatey flavour!

    Price: £5.29.

    17. Oreo has (and I mean this) made a cereal.

    Amazon / Via

    Do I really need to tell you why this is good? It is cereal. That is made. From OREOS.

    Price: £6.85.

    18. And so, it seems, have Reese's(!!!!!)

    Amazon / Via

    Imagine the sweetness with the saltiness. Imagine the nuttiness with the chocolate. IMAGINE this stuff at the base of a cheesecake or in a chocolate biscuit cake. I'm tearful.

    Price: £4.80.

    19. Sichuan peppers taste zingy and spicy and amazing.

    Amazon / Via

    These dried peppers are an amazing addition to food. They're spicy and slightly sweet, so they're the perfect seasoning to add to pretty much any meal.

    Price: £3.55.

    20. Black rice looks and tastes great!

    Amazon / Via

    This rice tastes nuttier and richer than other kinds, so it's really tasty and versatile. Although you don't strictly have to, it's definitely worth soaking this rice overnight before you cook it, because it can take longer to boil than other rices due to its thicker outer layer.

    Price: £5.99.

    21. Masa harina is a corn flour you use to make tortillas, arepas, and more!

    Amazon / Via

    Masa harina is a corn flour that's been through a process called nixtamalization, which means it's been soaked in limewater. You can use this stuff to make arepas, tortillas, and more!

    Price: £4.95.

    22. MSG adds a really earthy, umami flavour to your food.

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    This stuff will take your weeknight meals from basic to bangin' in moments! MSG is basically a kind of salt, but it has that incredible, deep umami flavour that really makes food stand out. No wonder so many chefs swear by this stuff!

    Price: £4.49.