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    22 Tasty Foods You Might Not Find In Your Local Supermarket

    From masa harina to Reese's cereal(!).

    1. Biscoff spread is perfect as a baking ingredient (it's absolutely amazing in cheesecakes and for icing), and it's great on some toast too!

    2. Juniper berries are a great way to enhance the flavour of meats and stews.

    3. 'Tis the season for some pumpkin spice – this mix is made in the UK!

    4. Freeze-dried strawberries make a pretty and tasty addition to your food!

    5. Pistachio butter is amazing – it'll mellow out super-sweet biscuits and icing, and it's great on bread too.

    6. Tamarind paste is an incredibly effective way to make your food taste fruitier, richer, and earthier.

    7. This rice paper makes pretty and versatile fresh spring rolls in no time!

    8. Melon liquor is a fun and fruity drink, perfect for the base of cocktails.

    9. This box contains retro sweets, including Parma Violets and Refreshers.

    10. Palm sugar is a great way to add sweetness to your food without making it too sickly.

    11. Tinned pumpkin puree is great for making pumpkin pies, brownies, breads, and more!

    12. Coconut sugar has a really earthy, caramel-y flavour, and it smells amazing too!

    13. Avocado oil not only tastes great, but it can withstand high temperatures without getting smoky too.

    14. Kirsch is a cherry liquor that'll change your baking game forever.

    15. Citric acid is a multipurpose cooking hero – you can use it for homemade ricotta, sherbet (which is actually really easy to make), pop rocks, and more!

    16. Cacao nibs are great for when you want that chocolatey flavour without the sickly sweetness.

    17. Oreo has (and I mean this) made a cereal.

    18. And so, it seems, have Reese's(!!!!!)

    19. Sichuan peppers taste zingy and spicy and amazing.

    20. Black rice looks and tastes great!

    21. Masa harina is a corn flour you use to make tortillas, arepas, and more!

    22. MSG adds a really earthy, umami flavour to your food.