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    I Found A Hair Removal Cream That Doesn't Stink, And I Don't Think I'll Ever Look Back

    It's also super effective AND fully vegan!

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I've been on the hunt for a decent hair removal cream (specifically, one that won't stink up my bathroom) for a few years now.

    I grow hair really quickly and razors give me annoying lil' bumps, so you can imagine how excited I was to try out WooWoo's vegan in-shower hair removal cream which promised to get rid of any unwanted stubble in minutes. It's suitable for use everywhere from your legs to your bum and bikini line (I'm listening!).

    The cream arrived in a gorgeous box that's made from sustainable sugar cane. It contained both the formula itself and a handy applicator! I found out from reading the packet that the cream contained soothing aloe vera and softening jojoba oil, so I began to feel *pretty* confident that the results would be seriously smooth.

    I did a quick five-minute patch test on the back of my hand to make sure the product wouldn't irritate my skin. At this point, I expected to smell some *odours* – but to my genuine surprise, there was almost no scent aside from a fresh, almost citrus-y smell!

    I then applied a thin layer to my legs and let the cream rest for one minute before heading in the shower. I kept my legs away from the water for another two minutes (the recommendations say you can leave it on for a max of four minutes if you've got especially stubborn stubble). After that, I used my trusty loofah to scrub my skin in circular motions and couldn't believe how easily and cleanly the hair came off!

    Just like that, my legs were silky smooth (I'm talking zero redness, missed strands, or raised bumps, folks). I'm still not over how great this cream smells, and I'm seriously impressed by how fast-acting it was too – WooWoo weren't joking when they said it'll get the job done in as little as six minutes!

    Seeing how well it worked on my legs made me glad that this cream is suitable for use *everywhere* on your body (bikini line and other delicate areas very much included). It's made its way to the front of my shower shelf after just one use, and TBH I can't think of a more sincere form of approval!

    So if you want to try WooWoo's 'Tame It!' cream for yourself (or just fancy browsing through a range of bikini line-safe hair removal products), check out their site!

    How smooth I felt after using their (I'm gonna say it) life-altering cream: