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    43 Gifts We Know They'll Love Because We Own (And Love) Them Ourselves

    Including some pirate-worthy rum and a Gen Z-friendly instant camera.

    1. They'll never know how much of a steal this practical-but-thoughtful weighted blanket was! I find it ridiculously soothing – my grey one weighs 8kg, but you can get a pink one too in 4kg, 6kg, or 8kg.

    2. Speaking of luxe-looking products that cost way less than you'd think, I've basically been *living* in this fluffy dressing robe since I got it.

    3. I genuinely use this cult-status Always Pan for every meal I cook now. It works as a skillet, a steamer, a searing pan, and loads more (plus, it's so pretty that it basically doubles up as decor).

    4. I'm the most forgetful person I know, so I use this Tile 'Performance' set all the time. I can locate my missing keys or wallet with them via the app (and get this – I can get my phone to ring by double-tapping the Tile logo on these bad boys too!).

    5. This Peau Santal perfume from Miller Harris is the best one I've ever smelled. It's not too sweet *or* too musky, and I love the smell of sandalwood, pink pepper, and vanilla! (Plus, the bottle is stunning).

    6. I always wanted a fitness watch, but I hate how 'tech-y' they usually look. This sleek Alexa-enabled one is as gorgeous as it is highly-rated! It monitors everything from your workouts to your sleep and heart rate, and it's water-resistant up to 50m too!

    7. These well-reviewed memory foam slippers are perfect for homebodies.

    8. Now that I've used COSRX's cult-status 'Snail 92' all-in-one cream, I completely understand what all the social media hype is about. It makes me look like I've had an expensive facial every time I use it!

    9. Look, I don't mess around when it comes to doughnuts, so I hope you trust me when I way that these sourdough ones from Crosstown bakery are elite. Flavours include matcha and cranberry, miso caramel, and pecan chocolate!

    10. Oh, and their ginger biscuits aren't to be messed with either.

    11. This instant-print Polaroid Now+ camera is perfect for the teens and budding photographers in your life! I'd never used one before and was seriously impressed by how easy it was to pick up (the pictures make for some seriously touching keepsakes too).

    12. Fellow spice lovers will lose it over Frank's 'Grow Your Own Chillis' hot sauce kit. It contains a variety of spicy sauces and a biodegradable pot with some compost discs and chilli seeds!

    13. I'm struggling to imagine anyone who wouldn't love this ridiculously gorgeously-packed trio of rums. It comes in a pirate-worthy wooden box that makes it feel and look incredibly *premium*!

    14. And if you want to go all-out, this full-sized bottle of honey-flavoured rum *also* comes in a gorgeous chest that'll double up as decor when they're done.

    15. As a Reese's lover, I genuinely can't remember a happier time than when I got gifted this incredible variety pack. It includes the usual cups and bites, alongside some novel gems (um, why did nobody tell me the wafer-filled 'Reese's Sticks' existed until now?!).

    16. Home bakers will end up using this 22cmx22cm cake tray all the time. I find that it genuinely is non-stick, and it's the only one I could find that's actually appropriate for brownies!

    17. Give a practical gift to the WFHers in your life with this adjustable bed desk. I use mine for everything from breakfast in bed to turning my regular desk into a standing one on the cheap! I also love that it's got fan holes on its board to prevent my laptop from overheating.

    18. I've been crocheting long enough to tell you for certain this this inexpensive starter kit contains everything they'll need (bar scissors and wool) to get started. I was also surprised by how high-quality everything was!

    19. Treat the beer drinkers in your life to this oh-so-tasty pale ale from Lion Brewing Co. I'm usually more of a spirits gal, but this stuff was so good it converted me!

    20. Hosting any non-drinkers this festive season? These non-alcoholic Belvoir Farms drinks are so good, they won't feel left out (even if you're sipping on fancy cocktails). My fave flavours include their Mulled Winter punch and the delicious Spiced Ginger punch!

    21. The only thing better than a bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk is an absolutely giant 850g bar of Cadbury's Dairy Milk, as my (lucky) coworker Valeza showed us.

    22. I'm not usually one to buy into a product just for the brand name, but Beats' Solo3 headphones really *do* live up to the hype. The sound quality is great, the battery lasts for ages, and I can get three hours of listening time from one five-minute charge!

    23. I'm a bit fussy about vodka, so I tend to stock up on the ones I know and love. Belvedere's 'Organic Infusions' lemon and basil one never misses, and I don't need to buy any fancy mixers to make it taste great other – it's perfect with just soda or still water!

    24. Give them that 'glass skin' glow without any shimmer by using Glossier's IG-famous 'Futuredew' serum. I find that it genuinely does stay dewy all day, and it shows from underneath my foundation too!

    25. My coworker has a unique name, so she was *really* happy to find out about this customised Celebrations box.

    26. Okay, but how chic are these mixed canned wines? This set includes sauvignon blanc, malbec, and pale rosé. I'm usually pretty fussy about my wine, and these ones more than passed the grade!

    27. Speaking of seriously smart booze, these pre-mixed cocktail pouches from Two Birds are ridiculously tasty and frankly left my supermarket tinnies in the dust. The pack comes with little origami sheets and instructions too (aww!).

    28. Buying for the most practical person you know? This wild juniper and bergamot Kair laundry kit makes me feel like I'm wearing expensive perfume as soon as I chuck my clothes on, and the bottles are so pretty that they fall safely into the 'gift-worthy' zone.

    29. This sloe gin and dark chocolate gift set is hands-down one of the tastiest things I've ever gotten. The chocolates and the gin are both hand-crafted, and 15% of profits will go towards African elephant preservation!

    30. You can't go too far wrong with Skagen's timelessly beautiful Freja watch!

    31. Treat the tea lover in your life to this festive Mr Ames selection! I love their Chilly Chocolate, Festive Fudge, and Winter Berry teabags.

    32. Your foodie friend will be glad you bought them these Howdah snacks! My faves include the onion bhaji-flavoured chips and the oh-so-moreish Bombay mix.

    33. I absolutely love this No.3 London Dry Gin. It's pretty enough to count as decor too IMO!

    34. The Potterheads in your life will be spellbound by this 3D 875-piece 'Great Hall' jigsaw puzzle...

    35. AND this Hermione Granger-worthy clip-on Golden Snitch book light...

    36. AND this colour-changing Potions desk lamp (phew).

    37. Okay, but this Zippo candle might just be the best-smelling (and most gorgeous) one I own. Its Bourbon & Spice scent is just *chef's kiss*!

    38. Oh, and you can't go too far wrong with a classic Zippo lighter as a gift either (especially when it's got this cute heart design).

    39. These 'Festive Friends' chocolates from KitKat are just *chef's kiss*.

    40. Give them a classic gift with a difference by nabbing this Fever Tree gin and tonic-filled cracker.

    41. The Stem delivers all kinds of houseplants (including lil' Christmas trees) to their door! I love the fact that they have an 'unkillable' section – this low-maintenance kentia plant is gorgeous AND easy to keep alive.

    42. This genius 'Pub in a Box' set from The Darkness contains a selection of tasty beers, a fun pub quiz, and some of the nicest snacks I've eaten in a while. What's not to love?!

    43. REVAMP's Pro straightener uses steam to achieve the sleekest, softest results I've ever gotten.