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    33 Little Gifts Under £10 To Send To The Work Friends You Miss

    Because let's face it, Zoom calls just aren't cutting it.

    1. This hardback notepad that's inspired by The Office will be almost as good as being in their office.

    2. This 'Little Miss Caffeine' mug is honestly a mood.

    3. This Reese's selection box is perfect for someone who's nuts about chocolate.

    4. They can work out their ~frustrations~ about THAT annnoying person from the accounts team by using this swear word colouring book.

    5. This Shrek sticker is a perfect punny gift for the most Type-A person on your team.

    6. Teachers will appreciate this "caffeinate and educate" coffee.

    7. Offer them some stress-busting relief with this massage roller.

    8. This bath crystal set is impossibly pretty.

    9. Give a self-isolating colleague something to do with this specially-designed activity book.

    10. Gift your most ~diligent~ work pal this incredible mug.

    11. You might not get to hug your work bestie just yet, but you can send them this adorable wooden pocket hug.

    12. Make them laugh (or at least break a confused smile) with this personalised computer mat that you can put their face on.

    13. If they're in need of some words of wisdom, this book is a treasure trove of great advice.

    14. Show your gratitude to your hardworking pals by sending them this personalised chocolate card! All the profits will be donated to NHS Charities Together.

    15. Give them that Friday feeling at home with this mini tequila bottle and personalised shot glass.

    16. Put their name on this milk chocolate bar for a delicious (and thoughtful) gift.

    17. Your bookish coworker will appreciate this small (and stunning) print.

    18. This wholesome ceramic 'hedgehug' comes in an adorable matchbox.

    19. Treat them to these homemade, letterbox-friendly brownies! Oh, and you can include a cute message too!

    20. A pack of sheet masks makes for a relaxing and ~luxe~ gift. This set of eight will last the recipient ages!

    21. This letterbox-friendly tea selection is perfect for that coworker you miss sharing a cuppa with. You can personalise the note inside!

    22. Put any message you want on the front of this packet of sunflower seeds.

    23. This Wall's Twister lip balm will make the perfect summery, nostalgic gift for them.

    24. This salted caramel fudge is a steal at less than £3.00.

    25. This 500-piece pick'n'mix jigsaw puzzle will keep them busy for a while. It comes in the most adorable packaging imaginable too!

    26. Show them you're Friends by sending these fridge magnets.

    27. This retro bag is toteally adorable.

    28. This personalised coaster will remind them of you every time they're having a mug of tea (which is probably a dozen times a day).

    29. These English Breakfast teabags come in special 'London Edition' packaging, so it's perfect if they miss working in the Big Smoke.

    30. This pretty Barry M varnish is a great choice for the person who always gives you nail envy.

    31. These socks are seriously pretty.

    32. This mini planter is simply stunning.

    33. If they're getting really into baking during lockdown, this piping set makes for an incredible gift.