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    17 Fancy Gifts From Fortnum & Mason That You Can Get For Under £20

    Give them some luxury for less!

    FYI, Fortnum & Mason have an under-£20 gift section where you can find ~luxe~ presents for less. We went through the entire section to find our fave products!

    1. This musical birthday biscuit tin comes packed with tasty treats, from Shrewsbury shortcakes to triple chocolate cookies.

    2. This decadent Ultimate Hot Chocolate is made with single-source Colombian milk chocolate.

    3. I'm losing it over this mini Fortnum & Mason shopping bag that contains five milk chocolate caramel truffles.

    4. Give them the gift of a great night in with this bottle of Côtes de Provence Rosé.

    5. If they love novelty gifts and food, they'll adore this box of Belgian chocolate 'fish and chips'.

    6. They'll feel regal after receiving these Royal Blend teabags, which come in a stunning (and reusable) caddy.

    7. Okay, but can we TALK about these adorable milk chocolate hedgehogs?! (FYI, they ARE packaged in that little matchbox).

    8. And if they prefer savoury foods, this jar of honey and truffle stilton is equally delicious.

    9. Okay, so this Paddington bear is technically bang-on £20 and not under, but it's so cute I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    10. You can't go too far wrong with some loose leaf Earl Grey tea, especially when it comes in this gorgeous caddy.

    11. I'm struggling to think of anything prettier than this Explorer's Biscuit Tin. It's filled with treats like Earl Grey shortbreads and the mighty Chocolossus cookie!

    12. This Fortnum's Famous Teas set contains one caddy each of their iconic Earl Grey and Royal Blend loose leaf teas.

    13. I'm not sure whether I'm drooling over these milk chocolate Marc de Champagne truffles or their pretty packaging.

    14. This dark chocolate and raspberry fondue pot is the perfect mixture of delicious and convenient.

    15. This rose pouchong scented candle comes in a handy tin that you can reuse after the candle's burned out.

    16. These shimmering single-origin chocolate leaves make for a perfect autumnal gift.

    17. This box set of six guest soaps is sure to stun! Scents include heather, thyme, and rowan berry.

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