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    37 Foolproof Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For

    Because "happiness :)" and "quality family time" are actually quite hard to wrap, Janet.

    1. If they don't see the point of gifts that aren't practical (hello, grandad), this Oral-B electric toothbrush is surprisingly cheap.

    2. Give them this RFID-blocking card wallet as a great practical gift!

    3. Your boss probably doesn't want yet another mug (sorry, guys). This coffee gift set is great!

    4. Kids these days, man. What do they want? Well, if they're aged about ten or under, it's probably something along the lines of this interactive glow T-shirt.

    5. And if they're a teenager, they'll probably appreciate this light box that they can write whatever they want in.

    6. For the person who comes over unexpectedly with a gift (AAAH), you can't go wrong with some bath bombs! These are already wrapped for you, so you'll look like you were completely prepared.

    7. We know, we know, some people seem to have it all. But do they have an actual star named after them? Yup, we thought not. With this incredible kit, you can give that to them!

    8. Dads can be really hard to buy for sometimes, but we can't see this neck massager pillow going too far wrong.

    9. Folks of all ages will love this Monday crossword book from The New York Times.

    10. The family member who you've met like, twice will at least get some use out of this pretty 2021 diary.

    11. I'm in love with how versatile The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse is as a gift. Filled with gorgeous illustrations and simple but poignant messages, this book is a great gift for everyone from older relatives to kids and everyone in between!

    12. Okay, there's no other way to say this: buying for your fanciest friend is hellish. Don't worry, though– this beautifully-packaged teapot and cup for one looks way, way more expensive than it actually is, and they'll never guess that you spent less than £22 on it.

    13. If they love makeup but you know nothing about it, snap up these highly-rated brushes for them (I promise they can't get enough!)

    14. Know someone who just doesn't go in for "all that manufactured stuff"? Add a personal touch with this embroidery circle that you can sew yourself.

    15. If they really do want "the family all together" for Christmas, then this hand casting kit will make them super happy.

    16. Someone who loves ~nature~ can be hard to buy for (how, precisely, do you order a walk in the woods?) This bee house is fab!

    17. Or if they love nature but live in the city, this indoor herb garden is a great alternative.

    18. You know what, socks are a famous all-rounder gift for a reason. This set of six pairs is luxe and practical, and they come in a sophisticated box!

    19. That eco-warrior friend who hates waste would probably appreciate this reusable beeswax paper that they can use as a kind of low-waste tinfoil!

    20. Or, for a more gift-y gift, this solid vegan perfume is a great low-waste buy.

    21. There is absolutely no shame in the gift card game (especially when they look as pretty as these do!)

    22. Some people are just intimidatingly cool, and it can be hard to find something that you think will match up with their impeccable taste while staying fun and quirky. This pretty comic that tells them how to make sushi is perfect!

    23. You can't go wrong with a highly ~luxe~ fluffy blanket! This one has over 45,029 reviews with a 4.7-star average and comes in 16 different colours.

    24. If they "love experiences, not things!!!", this box of favours is perfect.

    25. Sheet masks are perfect for everyone from your aunt to your BFF, and these ones in particular are gorgeous.

    26. Want to give the guys in your life a gift that isn't yet another deodorant set? Try this reusable safety razor set that'll last them ages (and it looks really classy too).

    27. Speaking of, mums will probably love this pamper kit.

    28. If you want to give something permanent to that person who is always on the go, try this eye-catching cabin suitcase that's small enough to count as hand luggage.

    29. Or alternatively, gift them this power bank if being constantly out and about is causing them serious charger stress.

    30. Non-drinkers will be seriously grateful for this alcohol-free mulled berry punch this holiday season.

    31. Clothes hooks are both practical AND pretty. This one is available in all the letters of the alphabet, so you can pick one with their initial on it for an added personalised touch.

    32. If they love a good gadget but seem to have them all already, this wallet ninja is a multipurpose hero they might not know about.

    33. Don't know that colleague or friend-of-a-friend well enough to know their fave chocolates? This Hotel Chocolat box includes a variety of different flavours!

    34. This theft-proof rucksack is great for everyone from commuters to folks who are going to school, and it's specifically designed to be extra hard to open on the go.

    35. And if none of that works for the person who swears they don't want anything, you might as well just give them this actual ball of nothing at all.

    You, finally finding a gift for that person who "really doesn't want anything :)":

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