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    33 Birthday Gifts To Give To Kids You Can't See In Person

    We've picked products that parents will thank you for, too!

    1. Keep them entertained without screens OR mess by nabbing this incredible pillow. Just charge up its luminescent ink and they'll be able to create temporary designs on it with their finger! The image will fade overnight, leaving them with a blank canvas to enjoy the day after.

    2. This modelling clay turns into a hard, durable material after it's been baked.

    3. Craft-loving kids will adore this lip balm-making kit! It contains everything they'll need to get started.

    4. You won't have to worry about ink or paint stains when they use this LCD doodle board. They'll be able to erase their artworks at the touch of a button!

    5. Not only will their name appear on the cover of this personalised copy of The Snowman, but an illustrated version of them will appear in the pages too (I know, right?!).

    6. Monopoly is a classic board game for a reason — it's seriously good fun for all ages!

    7. If they like baking, the chances are that they'll love this personalised baking set. It contains child-sized utensils with their name engraved into the handles!

    8. This chemistry set contains a whopping 150 fun experiments for them to try.

    9. I'd honestly buy this 'Grow Your Own Bug-Eating Plant' jute bag for myself.

    10. They'll be able to create their own glitter tattoos with the help of this extensive kit! It contains 27 stencils and four sparkly colours.

    11. Help them to embrace their artistic side by nabbing these personalised colouring pencils.

    12. They can use them to colour in this personalised jigsaw puzzle!

    13. If they never remember to wrap up warm before they head outside, these colourful LED gloves are here to help — they'll probably never take them off in the first place!

    14. This kids' activity scratch-off poster offers 100 fun ideas to keep the little ones busy. It's one of those amazing gifts that's low-key a present for the parents too!

    15. They'll be able to create their own geode crystal with this National Geographic kit.

    16. Or they could crack open ten geodes and then display their glittering insides on the stands included in this pack. Goggles are included in the kit for extra safety!

    17. Don't mind me, just losing it over these mini dinosaur-shaped night lights. You can choose whether to power them with batteries or via a USB cable!

    18. If they're old enough to direct their own fun home movies but still too young to have their own phone, this easy-to-use camcorder is ideal. It comes with a 32GB SanDisk memory card!

    19. They'll be over the moon when they open up this cardboard rocket. Its sides have deliberately been left blank so that they can doodle their own designs!

    20. The wax in these water-activated bath crayons is designed to be wiped away quickly and easily after use.

    21. Okay, but why is this personalised night light so cute?! You can choose from ten different colours, including baby pink and light blue!

    22. If they love LEGO *and* Minecraft, this Zombie Cave Adventure kit might just become their new favourite thing.

    23. This colour-in cap comes with six fade-proof fabric pens.

    24. You won't need any wires to operate this Bluetooth-enabled karaoke microphone!

    25. Unleash their creativity with this wipe-clean 'Draw a Face' coaster. They can customise the blank head, erase it, and start again with a new character whenever they want to!

    26. They'll feel like a superhero whenever they whip out these Spider-Man walkie talkies.

    27. Forget regular advent calendars — this unicorn-shaped ball contains 20 adorable gifts to help them count down to Christmas! They'll just have to unravel it to get at the goodies which are placed in each layer.

    28. Bookworms will think that this fuzzy bookmark is a koalaty gift.

    29. This adorable cross-stitch kit is ideal for total beginners.

    30. And if they're a little more experienced, this 'Gingerbread Fred' cross-stitch kit will keep them occupied for hours!

    31. Fortnite players will be able to stay warm in style with this blanket hoodie.

    32. This outdoor activity book contains imaginative activity ideas and fun exercises for them to complete on their adventures.

    33. I can't stop thinking about these knee-high socks that come in lil' egg boxes.

    Footage of them when they receive these gifts: