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    32 Products For Anyone Who's A Little Bit Obsessed With Biscuits

    Including a pack of 71 biscuit bars and a custard cream bath mat (yes, really).

    1. This Big Biscuit Box from Nestlé contains a whopping 71 chocolate biscuit bars (finally, a product that understands my appetite).

    2. BEHOLD this custard cream bath mat.

    3. This generous mug gets it.

    4. Show your appreciation in the cutest way possible with these letterbox-friendly biscuits.

    5. This magnetic bookmark puts the 'fun' in 'functional'.

    6. I had absolutely no idea these Nutella-filled biscuits existed until just now (and yes, I did order five packs the second I saw them).

    7. These catnip-filled toys are fun for your pet and highly ameowsing for you.

    8. This 21cm-long bar of chocolate is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like a massive biscuit.

    9. Friends fans who also love biscuits will probably lose their minds over this Central Perk biscuit barrel.

    10. If your dad is a fellow biscuit fiend, these letterbox-friendly iced treats are ideal for Father's Day.

    11. Create perfect gingerbread men at home with this extensive kit.

    12. This mouth-watering mousepad is incredible.

    13. Orange you glad I showed you this Gerald the jaffa cake iPhone case?!

    14. I'm a huge fan of this storage tin.

    15. This adorable Oreo cookies and milk share box contains two reusable glass milk bottles and a set of pretty paper straws (alongside four tasty Oreo packs, of course).

    16. I cannot get over how adorable this jaffa cake keyring is.

    17. This Jammie Dodger throw pillow is almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    18. This radio-shaped tin is packed full of classic biscuits, like triple chocolate chip cookies and oaty treats.

    19. This lil' bag is toteally gorgeous.

    20. Don't be fooled by how realistic these sweet treats look – they're actually all made from chocolate.

    21. Shake up your biscuit collection with these (stunningly-presented) stroopwafels.

    22. Yeah, I'm going to need to own one of these adorable mugs immediately, thanks.

    23. These erasers get a 10/10 from me.

    24. If you're feeling ~fancy~, these salted caramel shortbread biscuits are ideal.

    25. These caramel and milk chocolate 'Biscuits Aplenty' treats are just *chef's kiss*. They're half price at the moment!

    26. Fellow Biscoff fans, can we just take a moment to appreciate this incredible hamper?

    27. This handy kit contains almost everything you'll need to create a perfect biscuit 'pizza' at home.

    28. I am absolutely thrilled by the existence of these cookies & cream Pop Tarts.

    29. If you love making your own biscuits, this foxy silicone stamp is a great way to decorate them.

    30. Whether you're away from home at the moment or just care about someone who is, these Tunnock's Caramel Wafers ship worldwide.

    31. And so do these Crawfords custard creams!

    32. This generous biscuit hamper is really highly-rated. The contents include salted caramel cookies and fruity shortbreads (plus, you get loads of bang for your buck!)

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