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    54 Gifts That Basically Anyone Would Be Happy To Receive

    There's something in here for everyone!

    1. The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, And The Horse is an ideal gift for a wide range of ages. It's packed full of stunning drawings and simple but touching messages!

    2. This matchbox marshmallow toasting kit contains a teeny-tiny candle, cocktail sticks, and mini marshmallows!

    3. Unsure what to get your dad or grandpa? These (completely reusable) whiskey stones cool drinks down without diluting them, and they come in a gorgeous wooden box too.

    4. Indulge their sweet tooth with these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes!

    5. These screw-top baubles can be filled with booze to help keep their spirits high (I'm so sorry).

    6. Give them a gift they'll use all the time with this personalised bottle opener.

    7. You can't go wrong with a 2021 diary (especially when it's as gorgeous as this one is!).

    8. If they're feeling festive but hate Christmas pudding, this personalised Terry's chocolate orange is about to become their new favourite thing.

    9. Among Us fans will adore this plush toy. It's somehow under £2!

    10. I'm struggling to think of anything more relaxing than using this beginner-friendly soy candle making kit. It contains everything they'll need to get started!

    11. These warming slippers are almost unbearably cute!

    12. Don't mind me, just drooling over this rocky road chocolate 'salami'.

    13. Let kids know that Santa's come to visit by showing them his lost driver's license!

    14. You'll get some serious brownie points from your introverted pals when you gift them this 'staying in' candle. Choose from a range of incredible scents, including wild fig & cassis and pink grapefruit & basil!

    15. Bookworms will love these sprout-shaped bookmarks.

    16. Gove the little ones in your life this colour-in world map pillowcase! It comes with ten washable markers, so it'll be good to go again after a spin in the washing machine.

    17. You'll look like you put loads of thought into this personalised slate cheeseboard.

    18. Sorry, but I'm losing it over these salted caramel and milk chocolate robins.

    19. Want to give your significant other something practical AND adorable? These matching cat cups are purrfect!

    20. You can turn the soundwaves of their favourite audio into this gorgeous (and incredibly thoughtful) keyring.

    21. Movie buffs might just lose it over this scratch-off movie poster that suggests 100 iconic titles.

    22. Put whatever message you like onto this mini terrarium keyring. It contains a real (and tiny) plant!

    23. Mums will adore this extensive bath set. It includes a head massager, some pink Himalayan bath salts, fluffy socks, and six other indulgent gifts!

    24. This pull-out photo album can be filled with your favourite images and has space for a touching message at its base!

    25. Give the little ones in your life these fun Spider-Man walkie talkies!

    26. They can make their broken ceramic objects look even better than they did before with this kintsugi repair kit.

    27. If they prefer experiences over objects, this murder mystery party game is ideal.

    28. I can't believe I didn't know about this customised door hanging decoration sooner. Add their house number and choose from a variety of door shapes!

    29. Keep them cosy with this combination hoodie and blanket! It's available in nine different colours.

    30. Yeah, I need to own these milk chocolate-covered lumps of honeycomb 'coal' ASAP, thanks.

    31. They'll be able to write the answers to the crossword puzzles on this mug with a pencil. They can erase mistakes or clear the entire grid by simply washing the cup!

    32. Turn their smartphone into a home cinema hub with this inexpensive cardboard projector.

    33. Your foodie friends have probably had Wagamama's Feed Your Soul recipe book on their wishlist for months now.

    34. This sloth-shaped back massager couldn't be any cuter if it tried.

    35. Give them a taste of their childhood (literally) with this retro sweet selection. It includes Sherbet Dip Dabs, Refreshers, and so many more old-school treats!

    36. And this personalised Toblerone will have their name written all over it.

    37. This cloud-shaped bath bomb leaves a rainbow-hued trail behind it as it fizzes.

    38. Struggling to buy a present for the person who has it all? This LEGO version of themselves will make for a unique keepsake!

    39. These bass-boosting Bluetooth headphones look incredible, and they're a steal at less than £20 too!

    40. If they fall on the 'love' side of the Marmite debate, chances are they'll adore this personalised jar.

    41. This five-in-one pen is perfect for the most practical person in your life! It works as a stylus, a spirit level, a ruler, a screwdriver, AND a regular ol' pen.

    42. I'm struggling to imagine who wouldn't love this anglerfish-shaped book light.

    43. These gold-coloured sheet masks are packed full of plumping collagen.

    44. Get whatever face you like printed onto this cushion.

    45. Show your mum some appreciation with this adorable 'Mama Bear' mug.

    46. Take the stress out of Secret Santa by nabbing this specially-designed mystery box.

    47. This one-litre hot water bottle has an adorable sloth-shaped cover.

    48. I sent this plantable card to my sister recently and have basically been swimming in brownie points ever since. They can tear it up and place it in some soil for blooming brilliant home-grown plants!

    49. Okay, but can we talk about this red velvet cupcake-flavoured Baileys?!

    50. Give them a caffeinated Christmas with this pack of 'f*cking strong coffee'.

    51. It can be hard to buy for children aged about 7-13. I bought this oven-bake polymer clay set for the older kids in my life!

    52. I mean, just look at this adorable dumpling-shaped light.

    53. If they've got a sweet tooth, they'll probably appreciate this 2.4-kilogram box of Celebrations.

    54. This 'Phoenix Tears' spiced rum is a fun twist on a classic gift! It contains shimmering 'tears'.

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