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    20 Gift Ideas For New Mothers, Suggested By Actual Mums

    We asked parents, and it looks like it's time to take those cute onesies out of your cart.

    Listen, buying gifts for new parents is hard. We all want to treat them, but are worried about getting things wrong! We asked the mums of Buzzfeed Community which gifts they *actually* wanted when their baby was born, and they gave us some seriously helpful answers. Here are some of the best!

    1. This healing spray mist, because some new mums have been through it.

    2. A digital ear thermometer to help new parents sleep more soundly.

    3. Muslin squares for those lil' baby burps.

    4. A kick-proof baby sleeping bag.

    5. A changing bag with room for all the extras.

    6. A baby wrap for some cosy mama/baby time.

    7. A snot (and yes, this is real) sucker.

    8. Gift cards, because them kids are *expensive*.

    9. Nappies, more nappies, oh my god so many nappies.

    10. Silicone bibs – new mums don't have time for the cloth kind.

    11. This nipple cream, which has five stars on Amazon for a reason.

    12. Some of this vegan dry shampoo to bring mum's hair back to life.

    13. This air purifier, to help the baby breathe in the good stuff.

    14. A silicone breast pump, which mums don't have to hold during use.

    15. A bath kit, because new parents need all the pampering they can get!

    16. Chocolate, which makes a lot of sense actually.

    17. This five-star reviewed baby journal to track the memories.

    18. This mug warmer (cold coffee is about to be a thing of the past.)

    19. A super handy car seat.

    20. Booze, which, fair enough TBH.

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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