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    33 Things That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This April

    And yes, it's okay if your finger slips and you send this to all your friends.

    1. Get the gift of advice from none other than RuPaul herself with this lil' book! It's packed full of witty and wise quotes.

    2. You can personalise this full-sized Toblerone with whatever text you like (including your name, obvs).

    3. These salted caramel chocolate eggs are filled with a decadent ganache and coated with a crisp sugar shell.

    4. This low-key genius smartphone projector is incredibly easy to use – and yes, it actually works! You can transform your bedroom into a home cinema with one of these.

    5. This skincare set is 1) pretty and 2) incredibly soothing.

    6. If you love puzzles, this Sudokube is a fun mix of two kinds of brain teasers.

    7. These eucalyptus fairy lights look incredibly ~luxe~.

    8. And then there's this stunning soap collection, made with all-natural ingredients.

    9. How gorge is this tile mug?!

    10. Test your Friends knowledge with these trivia cards!

    11. These bath bombs are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like Mentos.

    12. This trio of nourishing hand creams is seriously good value.

    13. This handy kit contains everything you need to grow your own Bonsai tree – all you'll need to add is water.

    14. Decorate your most boring wall with this poppy-pattern tapestry.

    15. Sorry, but how ADORABLE is this lil' dumpling light?!

    16. This heart-shaped corner bookmark can be personalised with your name.

    17. This fun pack of 100 cards is filled with yoga poses to try out!

    18. These water-activated bath lights float in your tub (yes, really) for a super relaxing experience.

    19. These fragrant bubble baths come in three different scents, and you can blow real bubbles with all of them!

    20. This intensely hydrating sheet mask is the perfect ingredient for a relaxing night in.

    21. This satin kimono makes for some super chic loungewear.

    22. Print the photos from your phone with this ridiculously easy-to-use device.

    23. These incredibly thoughtful "open me when..." notes make for a seriously touching gift. They can be personalised with whatever messages you like, and the user will open them depending on which mood they're in (i'm not crying, you are).

    24. These incense sticks come in the most stunning packaging. Scents include orange blossom & sage, coconut & lime, and lavender & eucalyptus!

    25. This set of three stud earrings are the perfect mix of edgy and wearable.

    26. This glass tea infuser for-one set is adorable AND practical (the dream duo TBH).

    27. This Buzz Lightyear toast cutter and egg cup set is out of this world.

    28. This video-shaped book is packed full of 100 movie suggestions, so you won't have to wonder what you should watch for a while.

    29. This llama-shaped planter comes with chia seeds that grow to form a leafy coat (I know, right?!).

    30. This monogrammed journal comes in all the letters of the alphabet.

    31. And so does this incredible monogrammed trinket dish!

    32. This pressed flower and fern iPhone case has absolutely no right to be as pretty as it is.

    33. And last but most definitely not least, you can get the most out of your camera phone with this clip-on lens set.