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    44 Genius Products That Are Basically Too Highly-Rated To Regret Buying

    Almost all of these are under £15!

    1. You'll be able to charge two devices at once thanks to this dual-USB plug.

    2. If you've got a dog, you'll probably wonder why you didn't order this hammock-shaped car seat cover sooner. It's waterproof and machine-washable!

    3. Work shampoo into your roots while also massaging your scalp with the help of this silicone brush.

    4. Reviewers rave about this Real Techniques makeup sponge! It has a variety of different surfaces to help you tackle different sections of your face.

    5. This anti-dryness shampoo might just cure your itchiness and flaking. It's done wonders for people who thought that they had dandruff, only to realise after using this hydrating formula that the real problem was a lack of moisture!

    6. Make the most out of your fridge space with these sliding baskets that you can clip onto your shelves.

    7. This lazy Susan rotating holder is a smart way to store condiments, toiletries, or anything else that's in that hard-to-reach part of your cupboard.

    8. Remove the bobbles from your clothes in no time with these fabric combs!

    9. For something so cheap, this descaler spray has gotten some seriously rave reviews.

    10. Sort and store your recycling in these durable bags!

    11. This Totoro toothbrush holder has suction cups on its back that adhere to everything from glass to ceramic.

    12. Make sure you know whose charger is whose with these cable labels.

    13. These satin pillowcases 1) look great and 2) are kind to your hair and skin. What's not to like?

    14. Block out the world with these popular noise-isolating earphones from Betron.

    15. This cable tidy box will make your WFH setup look that little bit neater.

    16. Love the look of false eyelashes but hate the hassle and mess of applying them? This magnetic eyeliner and lash set is here to help!

    17. Some reviewers swear by this anti-snoring plug that doubles up as an air purifier.

    18. You can tell me that you wouldn't find this stainless steel foot file incredibly satisfying to use, but I won't believe you.

    19. These reusable zip-seal bags are completely freezer-safe.

    20. You won't have to face a fogged-up windshield in the morning thanks to this reusable dehumidifier bag.

    21. This eco-friendly laundry egg might eliminate your need for detergent entirely! I've found mine to be just as effective as regular washing powder, and it'll last you for up to 210 cycles.

    22. Keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer with these ethylene-absorbing spheres. They work just as well in your crisper drawer as they do in your fruit bowl!

    23. This blackhead removal kit is 50% gross and 2,000% satisfying.

    24. Okay, but why hadn't I heard about this water-repelling windshield treatment sooner?!

    25. This combination blanket and hoodie is about to become your new favourite thing.

    26. Check a task off of your to-do list by nabbing these watering globes. They'll keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks!

    27. This anti-fog spray will prevent your glasses from misting up while you're wearing a face covering.

    28. Banish the stains from your soft furnishings with Dr Beckmann's stain remover!

    29. This post-shave balm is designed to prevent the redness and annoying little bumps that some people (like me) have to deal with after hair removal.

    30. Sorry, but how delicious do these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes look?!

    31. These non-stick liners ensure that your freezer drawers don't stick to the shelves underneath.

    32. Shake up your laundry routine *and* save some cash by nabbing these inexpensive tumble dryer balls. They'll speed up your drying time by spinning around your drum, lifting your clothes as they go!

    33. This salicylic acid-infused soap is seriously clever! It'll decongest your skin and remove excess oils from your face.

    34. If you straighten or curl your hair a lot, you'll be glad you bought this heat-proof mat to rest your tongs on.

    35. This knife sharpener totally transformed my most-used kitchen tools, making my lockdown cooking storms a breeze.

    36. Home cooks will adore this extra-powerful hob cleaner. It's gotten rid of the persistent and burnt-on stains that some folks thought were beyond help!

    37. This shower shield solution means that you won't have to worry about fingerprints or shampoo stains forming on your glass or metal surfaces. Its protective barrier lasts for up to three months!

    38. Customers have been wowed by this niacinamide serum that promises to decongest your pores and smooth your skin.

    39. These handy bra extenders are honestly kind of genius.

    40. This powerful stain remover will get rid of hard-to-budge marks in no time.

    41. Hoo boy, do customers love this lash-lengthening serum!

    42. These reusable baking mats are an eco-friendly alternative to baking paper or tinfoil. Their silicone material distributes heat evenly, making them perfect for baking!

    43. Dry your utensils in this adorable holder (the trunk is drainage, people).

    44. If their rave reviews are anything to go by, it looks like these self-adhesive clips really will prevent your shower curtain from sticking to you.

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