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    24 Genius Products I Don't Understand How I've Lived Without

    Including some seriously smart hangers and an essential oil that makes every day smell like laundry day!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This Elbow Grease washing-up liquid really DOES live up to its name.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I've been a fan of Elbow Grease ever since I started using their cult-status degreaser spray, so when I saw they'd released a washing-up liquid I *knew* I had to give it a try.  It cuts through oil, stains, and dirt faster than any other washing up liquid I've tried, and I only need to use a tiny amount for some seriously impressive results! 

    Price: £4.24

    2. CeraVe's hydrating cleanser has completely transformed my skin.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I have dry-leaning skin but always worried that hydrating cleansers wouldn't really *clean* my face. This bad boy proved me wrong! Its gentle formula contains barrier-building ceramides to protect you from over or under-producing oils, so it's no wonder I feel like I've splashed out on an expensive facial every time I look at my skin recently. 

    Price: £7.11

    3. Speaking of products that perform way beyond their price tag, this inexpensive retinol serum is a great way to plumpen and smoothen your skin!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Apply a couple of drops of this stuff to your face at night and it'll start turning over your dead skin cells, leaving a fresher, brighter layer for you to wake up to. I find that this stuff helps to reduce the appearance of my pores too!

    Price: £6.99. 

    4. Once I tried these exfoliating washcloths, I knew I could never return to that loofah-only life.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Okay, so this is a little bit gross, but you know those shamefully satisfying TikToks where people remove their dead skin in icky-but-gratifying rolls? Well, I knew I had to buy the product behind the manky magic – enter these genius washcloths! They fit over your hand and shrink when they get wet to provide a rough, exfoliating surface that lifts dead skin in a matter of moments. I use mine about twice a week and am always amazed (if a little disgusted) by how well they work! 

    Price: £6.99 for eight.

    5. These floss picks are infused with bamboo charcoal for added freshness (plus, they're an absolute steal at 200 picks for under £5).

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    They have a great minty flavour, and the pick's design is really comfortable too! Plus the floss is made from extra-thin and flexible bamboo charcoal polymer, so it's perfect if (like me) your teeth are really close together. 

    Price: £6.89 for 200 picks.

    6. These clip hangers have made messy skirt and trouser storage a thing of the past.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I recently reorganised my wardrobe and realised that most of the mess came from optimistically placing two or three items of clothing on a hanger and (wrongly) assuming I'd know what it contained from memory. In an attempt to keep all my clothes visible at a glance, I bought these clip hangers for, my shirts, skirts, and trousers – and I'm so glad I did! They cause much less creasing than hanging 'em over the bar of a regular hanger used to, and the clips are adjustable too so I can fit them to every item they hold. 

    Price: £9.45 for ten. 

    7. Every day smells like laundry day now that I've gotten myself this hack-worthy linen-scented essential oil.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Don't get me wrong, I *do* wash my sheets, but I wish that freshly-laundered smell hung around for longer! I keep a (pretty cheap) diffuser beside my bed and have found that using this fresh linen-scented essential oil in it tricks me into thinking I've taken my sheets straight from the tumble dryer (ugh, the dream). 

    Price: £2.95.

    8. This is a bit embarrassing, but I honestly thought the dead skin at the base of my feet was too much to deal with until I nabbed this extensive pedicure kit.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    This set has everything, including a tiny dead skin-removing fork that's perfect for the area around your nails, some satisfying rasps, a callus shaver, and clippers! I love the fact that it comes in a nifty case, and I can honestly say it's the only kit I've used that has *genuinely* left my feet peeptoe shoe-worthy afterwards.

    Price: £6.60

    9. This anti-limescale shower head is the best purchase I've made in months. It gave our shower perfect water pressure for the first time ever, and it helps my shampoos to lather faster too!

    Amy Glover /  BuzzFeed

    It has beads inside the handle to filter and descale the water before it comes out of the head, so it's perfect if you're living in a hard water area. It has three powerful settings (massage, rainfall, and combination) that you can toggle between by clicking the handy button on its side! I couldn't get over how easy it was to install, and I *still* feel like I'm in someone else's much fancier bathroom whenever I use it.

    Price: £14.99 for a shower head and a 2m-long hose.

    10. You can *finally* tackle that annoying bacne with the help of this salicylic acid-infused shower soap.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    It's studded with exfoliating beads, and the egg shape makes it perfect for every part of your body! I started using it a couple of weeks ago and have genuinely been *amazed* by the results.

    Price: £5.89

    11. And this 'Hard as Wraps' solution will make your natural nails feel almost like gels (yesss).

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    I have really weak, brittle nails, so this stuff has truly been a life hack for me. It makes my talons feel thicker and look shinier, and I've gotten much less flaking and breakage since I started wearing it!

    Price: £5.15

    12. This leather-restoring paint will make your fave worn jacket look as good as new again, and can also be used on upholstery and bags!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Sponge it onto the affected area (a little goes a really long way) and then dry it with a hairdryer for some surprisingly seamless results! It brought my fave jacket back to its former glory (which is a good thing, because I was NOT ready to splash the amount of cash that a new leather jacket costs).

    Price: £9.95.

    13. Sorry, but your kitchen basically isn't complete without these reusable stretchy silicone lids.

    Amazon / Via

    They shrink or expand according to the surface you're placing them over, meaning they can be used to cover everything from half-eaten watermelons to pots of chilli! They're dishwasher, freezer, and microwave-safe, and reviewers back up their spill-proof claims too.

    Price: £7.49 for 12.

    14. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    Amazon / Via

    Customers use it for everything from their ovens to the annoying pet smells on their sofa, and the results are impressive (seriously, check out some of the before-and-after pics in the review section).

    Price: £2.50 for 500g.

    15. This cat litter box has high sides and a lid to provide privacy and prevent the litter from spilling out. It also has an odour-eliminating filter!

    Amazon / Via

    Its carbon filter traps and purifies smells, and it has a built-in anchor that keeps the bag open and ensures you'll have free hands for scooping. The hood lifts off, so it's incredibly easy to clean! 

    Price: £25.99.

    16. I won't lie, I didn't fully trust the 'zero scrubbing required' claim that this mattress-cleaning spray made until its customers vouched for it.

    Amazon / Via

    I'm a huge fan of how easy this stuff is to use – you can just spray it onto any stains and then leave it to dry (sorry, but that's EXACTLY the amount of effort I'd like to expend on every cleaning task). It'll banish any odours and discolouration, even if the stain is really tough!

    Price: £6.99.

    17. Like most homes in the UK, my flat is in a hard water area. I avoid having to deep-clean the crust in my kettle by using this drop-in descaler ball instead! I just popped it in and continued to use the appliance as normal while it worked its magic (so low-hassle).

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Mineral deposits will collect in between its mesh wires rather than building up in your kettle. I can remove and rinse it quickly and easily whenever I need to, which is much easier than cleaning built-up limescale from my most-used kitchen appliance!

    Price: £2.25

    18. This anti-fog cloth is an absolute game-changer for people who wear glasses!

    Xavier Singh / BuzzFeed

    It contains special molecules that prevent condensation from building up on your glasses, and it can be reused up to 700 times too. It's perfect for when you're wearing your mask! 

    Price: £8.95

    19. This whitening Pearl Drops toothpaste will polish your teeth while you clean them!

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    NGL, I was a bit sceptical about this toothpaste because I'd been let down by so many whitening products before. A couple of weeks in, though, I've been proven completely wrong! It'll polish and clean your teeth at the same time, and it's designed to strengthen your enamel too.

    Price: £3.50.

    20. If the pile of shoes at the base of your wardrobe is getting way too chaotic, this low-hassle hanging organiser is here to help.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    It's incredibly easy to assemble – just thread the hanging hook through the hole at its top and hang it up! It has ten compartments, which just so happened to be the perfect amount for my shoe collection. Not only has it helped me to declutter my wardrobe floor, but it *also* means I can see all my shoes at once!

    Price: £11.99.

    21. This double-sided pad will clean your pots and pans without any need for washing-up liquid – just add water and it's good to go!

    Jasmin Nahar / BuzzFeed

    It'll clean your pots, pans, plates, and more without scratching them or leaving streaks behind! Chuck it in your washing machine when it's looking a bit grimy and it'll be good to go again.

    Price: £2

    22. Mould is a pretty common problem in the UK, but don't worry – this highly-rated removal spray has got your back.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    Leave this foaming spray on any affected areas for up to half an hour and then wipe it away to reveal a mildew-free surface underneath!

    Price: £5.00.

    23. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    The handy brush on this carpet cleaner works its fast-acting product onto your soft furnishings, so you won't risk getting any chemicals on your hands. I've used this stuff myself and love how effective it is!

    Price: £2.79

    24. It turns out that the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    Amy Glover / BuzzFeed

    It's powerful enough to remove oil from plastics and metals without any scrubbing on your behalf. Spray the formula onto the affected surface, let it sit for a couple of minutes, wipe it away, and you're done!

    Price: £1

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