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    24 Genius Problem-Solving Products For Every Room Of Your Home

    For everything from that awkward gap in your countertops to the shampoo bottles all over your shower floor.

    1. These anti-vibration feet will help to make your washing machine and tumble dryer quieter!

    2. Fill your bath all the way up with an easy-peasy drain cover.

    3. Can't get your sheets to stay put? Give these fasteners a go!

    4. Get your shower running smoothly with this ionised shower head.

    5. Motion sensor lights are a great way to light up the surface above your countertops, the inside of cupboards, and more.

    6. Timed plug sockets will save you time, energy, and stress.

    7. This sheep holder will basically turn your loo rolls into decor AND give it an accessible home.

    8. This cutlery drawer will help you to store your stuff in the smallest space possible!

    9. Keep your sink tidy with this lil' easy-drain caddy from Joseph Joseph, which will hold your sponges, cloths, and washing-up liquid all together!

    10. If you can never find a bag for life when you need one, this hanging carrier bag holder could be incredibly useful!

    11. Store your brooms and mops on this wall-mounted broom clip!

    12. Get rid of that annoying stain on your mattress with this incredibly useful mattress cleaner.

    13. Your junk drawers will get sorted in seconds with these click-in honeycomb organisers!

    14. How smart are these drop-down Wonder hangers?!

    15. You can store your straightener and tongs in this metal holder without having to worry about burning any of your surfaces!

    16. Store more stuff with these handy storage boxes that fit right under your bed!

    17. |f you haven't got a tumble dryer, this heated drying rack could be a real life-saver!

    18. This dishwasher magnet will take the mystery out of cleaning your dishes!

    19. Protect the base of your oven with these handy Teflon mats!

    20. These adhesive hooks will just stick on to your surfaces, no drilling required.

    21. Descale your taps with this handy add-on!

    22. This shower caddy is super easy to install.

    23. This silicone cover will finally, finally close the gap between your hob and your countertop (think of all the stains you won't have to deal with!)

    24. These reusable tumble dryer balls are real multipurpose heroes. (Plus, how cute are they?!)