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    21 Genius Problem-Solving Products You Probably Didn't Realise Existed

    You mean there's a product for that?!

    1. Some Sugru mouldable glue that turns into solid silicone rubber after you've shaped it.

    2. Some sliding webcam covers that will cover your smartphone camera until you need it.

    3. A can colander (!!!)

    4. This device will re-seal all your opened packets.

    5. Eco-friendly, reusable woollen lint balls which catch all the fluff in your tumble drier, soften your clothes, and speed up drying time.

    6. This ultra-thin duster that gets at the bits under your fridge.

    7. Some wireless Bluetooth headband headphones you can wear going to sleep.

    8. A phone holder for your bike that shields it from rain and direct sunlight.

    9. This wonder hanger that will save so much storage space.

    10. Some hob stickers to replace the worn-out ones on your oven.

    11. Some insulating window film that will help keep your rooms toasty.

    12. These double-sided sticky carpet grips, which will make your fave rug stay put.

    13. These biodegradable bags are made from corn starch, so they're perfect for your compost bin.

    14. A device that gets rid of pests by sending ultrasonic signals to them.

    15. This anxiety coat for your dog, perfect for fireworks season.

    16. A magnetic pouch that clicks onto itself through your running leggings.

    17. A magnetic glass cleaner that lets you tackle both sides of your windows at once.

    18. A boar bristle brush, which distributes oil evenly throughout your hair to stop that greasy scalp/dry ends issue.

    19. This foldable backpack that you can bring with you basically everywhere.

    20. A flexible drain cleaner which will pull all the hair from your plugs.

    21. This potato pocket will give you perfect baked-style spuds in minutes from your microwave.