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    18 Irish Tweets That Are Funnier Than They Have Any Right To Be

    "I just wanted a cup of tea but then I asked if anyone else wanted tea and now I work in catering"


    when you test negative they should just text you ‘novid’

    Twitter: @laudymay


    do u ever just look at a couple and think ‘there’s no way they have sex’

    Twitter: @lilcaoimhe


    Not Pier’s getting fired on bin night? We really said Take the trash OUT !

    Twitter: @hollyshortall


    listen im as nationalist as the next person but when english depop girls don't charge me international shipping on an order because they think Ireland is in the UK....I'm not gonna correct them

    Twitter: @banrionbaby


    me when the total comes to €19.16

    Twitter: @laethantasarah


    I dunno why ppl love to make a big deal w returning things online? Literally all u have to do is send ur mam to the post office w it ?? So easy

    Twitter: @caoimheclarke_


    Hardly just paid €6 on 4 sausage rolls out of Dunnes? Feel like I’m after taking a mortgage out hahahah daylight robbery

    Twitter: @Emma_Kelly49


    Lecturer: I’m going to put you into breakout rooms Me: hangs up

    Twitter: @JagoSaoirse


    Twitter: @lilbitgorjus


    Twitter: @MannixKnows


    I just wanted a cup of tea but then I asked if anyone else wanted tea and now I work in catering

    Twitter: @killersundymann


    A lot of chat about people feeling shit after seeing Kendal Jenner’s body on insta... no one talking about how shit it feels to see a part-time yoga teacher and a stay at home dad build their dream mansion with an infinite budget on Grand Designs

    Twitter: @JamesKavanagh_


    just how dock leaves grow next to nettles there's always a lidl right by an aldi

    Twitter: @CRAFTYNAGGlN


    Twitter: @FelixirofLife28


    every irish person knows at least one person who was an extra in Vikings im sorry i dont make the rules

    Twitter: @CRAFTYNAGGlN


    So let me get this straight We have A Minister for Sport who has never won an all-Ireland A Minister for Defence who has never shot someone A Minister for Children who is not a child A Minister for Food who refuses to be eaten And they call this democracy? ;(

    Twitter: @jackalexe


    can’t believe Pat McGrath is a famous groundbreaking makeup artist and not like, the aul fella from up the road who’s really involved in the local GAA club

    Twitter: @lilbitgorjus

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