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    19 Fancy Products From Fortnum & Mason's Christmas Store That You Can Get For Under £30

    Because you can't snap up delicious food and gorgeous gifts early enough IMO!

    In case you didn't know already, Fortnum & Mason have a Christmas section on their site that's packed full of festive treats. We've gone through the entire section to find our fave products for under £30!

    1. This Tea Lover's advent calendar contains 24 expertly-blended teabags for every day of Christmas.

    2. I can't get over this musical merry-go-round biscuit tin. It contains buttery chocolate and salted caramel shortbreads, and it plays 'Jingle Bells' when you open it too!

    3. You can't go wrong with Fortnum & Mason's iconic Christmas blend black tea (especially when it comes in such gorgeous packaging).

    4. Sorry, but how adorable is this milk chocolate Rudolph lolly?!

    5. These milk chocolate and sugar-coated honeycomb chunks are designed to look like coal and taste like a treat.

    6. You'll feel festive AF after just a few sips of this Christmas blend green tea. It contains star anise, liquorice, vanilla, and other seasonal flavours!

    7. Treat your four-legged friend to this dog cracker! They'll find a paper crown and a rope toy inside, and it won't make a (potentially scary) bang sound.

    8. This teacup and saucer-shaped hanging decoration couldn't be any cuter if it tried (oh, and it's completely hand-painted too!).

    9. I'm struggling to think of anything more Christmassy than this family-sized turkey, cranberry, and herb-filled pie.

    10. Indulge your sweet tooth the quick and easy way by nabbing this fruity Christmas pudding preserve.

    11. Can't get enough Christmas biscuits? This selection tin contains everything from fruit and nut-filled Merrilossus treats to ginger and pecan cookies alongside so many other delicious delights.

    12. Yes, this milk chocolate 'gingerbread man' does come in that teeny-tiny matchbox (aww).

    13. I can only imagine how great this mulled wine spice mix smells. It's packaged in a gorgeous drawstring bag!

    14. This Christmas pudding-flavoured Madeira is the perfect mixture of sophisticated and fun.

    15. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this milk chocolate and salted caramel truffle-filled bauble ASAP, thanks. You can reuse the hollow decoration every year and refill it with whatever you like!

    16. This rich and malty Christmas ale is made with a blend of six Kent-grown hops.

    17. I'm not going to lie, just reading about these oaty Nutcracker biscuits that are studded with pistachios, almonds, and cranberries made me drool.

    18. Count down to Christmas in the most theatrical way possible by working through this free-standing chocolate advent calendar.

    19. And last but most definitely not least, this handmade 'St James' Christmas pudding is packed full of flavour! Its ingredients include Pusser's full-strength navy rum and Fortnum's cognac (alongside decadent dried fruits, of course).

    Want to check out even more festive treats? You can view Fortnum & Mason's entire Christmas section by clicking here.

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