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    Chocoholics, Brace Yourselves – Hotel Chocolat's After-Easter Sale Just Got Bigger

    Don't mind me, just drooling.

    Hotel Chocolat are having a sale right now with massive reductions on their Easter stock. Here are some of our fave picks!

    1. This Spring Pick-Me-Ups set is down 36% right now. It contains everything from a white chocolate lamb to chocolate pillows (yes, really).

    2. Caramel lovers will adore the Hop, Skip & Caramel Collection (and they'll be a fan of its 39% discount, too). Indulge in a salted caramel chocolate egg and caramel milk chocolate bunnies among other goodies!

    3. Relax with the All-Mellow Collection, a tasty selection of white, milk, and dark chocolate treats that range from crisp chocolate praline eggs to a white chocolate 'splat' egg. The entire set is currently down 37%!

    4. Dark chocolate devotees will seriously appreciate the No Yolking Around Collection, which boasts a dark chocolate and ginger egg, a dark chocolate bunny, and more. The 36% discount is pretty tasty, too!

    5. If the Smiles All Round Collection doesn't turn your frown upside down, its 39% discount will. It's filled with fun and delicious treats like sunny-side-up chocolate eggs and a cute AF bunny basket!

    6. The Eggs All Round collection currently comes with an eggcellent (sorry, I had to) discount of over 37%. Enjoy the tasty egg-on-toast licks, the decadent runny milk chooclate splat egg, and more!

    7. The only thing better than a regular Easter egg is the extra-thick Easter egg in this You Crack Me Up Collection that holds even more chocolate eggs and bunnies inside! You can save 20% on the set right now.

    8. There's something for everyone in this Family Favourites Collection, which contains everything from sophisticated salted macadamia eggs to fun milk chocolate bunnies. The collection is currently a whopping 40% off!

    9. If you're a fan of all things fun and delicious, the Utterly Eggcentric Collection might just be for you (and we're willing to bet the 41% discount is very much your thing as well). The chocolates in this set are drool-worthy, from the genius chocolate 'toast' and orange marmalade to the adorable hollow milk chocolate chick.

    10. The Spring Characters Collection is down 39% from its usual price, and it's filled with fun hollow chocolate animals like Rabbert and delicious white and milk chocolate egg-on-toast slices.

    11. This Mellow Family Favourites Collection is a great way to treat everybody, including fussier eaters. The contents include a delicious cookie dough & ice cream-flavoured chocolate egg and some adorably dinky milk chocolate drops. Oh, and did we mention it's all reduced by 39% right now? Because it is.

    12. This simple Happy Birthday Gift Box is filled with customer faves, from a mixed-chocolate dizzy praline to a fudge sundae truffle. It's an impressive 35% off!

    13. You can grab the iconic Nano Slab Gallery for 35% less than you'd usually pay. The treats inside range from rocky road chocolates to strawberry and cream truffles.

    14. The Happy Bunnies Collection is sure to put a spring in your step (especially when you consider its 35% discount). It's packed full of classics, like the mixed-chocolate splat egg and a white chocolate sheep!

    15. The only thing better than this Happy Easter Duo is the fact that it's 32% off right now. Enjoy the mixed-chocolate bunny and delicious H-box included in the set!

    16. The bunnies in this Bouncing Bunnies Collection are a delicious mix of solid and runny caramel-filled chocolate treats. They're all 35% off, too!

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