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    33 Unique Things From Etsy That Will Probably Make People Ask "Where Did You Get That?"

    These are all pretty incredible.

    1. This galaxy-pattern mug is honestly out of this world.

    2. Decorate your walls with one of these wooden tiles – they're available in all the letters of the alphabet!

    3. This incredible lamp is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like a video tape.

    4. This embroidery kit gives you everything you need to create a beeautiful design, including a handy stencil. Customers say it's really beginner-friendly!

    5. This vegan soy candle 1) is stunning and 2) smells like lemongrass and ginger (yes, please).

    6. I need about six pairs of these incredible ouija board earrings.

    7. Just LOOK at these lil' felted bees. I mean, come ON.

    8. These sterling silver planet earrings get a 10/10 from me.

    9. This incredible print for your bathroom really says it all.

    10. This rainbow-hued bath bomb is shaped like a waffle(!!).

    11. This reusable tote bag will leave you buzzing.

    12. These earrings are bound to be the star of any show they're in.

    13. You can get a personalised engraving on these crystal-look USB flash drives for no added cost.

    14. This busy bee notebook is made with recycled materials.

    15. How incredibly sweet are these dog-pattern tea towels?!

    16. The design of this cheetah-pattern cushion is top-notch.

    17. You can customise this gorgeous leather bookmark with your name!

    18. Upgrade your furniture in the most low-effort way possible by replacing dull handles with these decorative door knobs!

    19. This lil' brooch looks great and has a sense of humour (an unacceptable combo in people, but just about bearable for a pin).

    20. You can learn to make your own sushi with this highly ~aesthetic~ (and super informative) book.

    21. These cosmic gel pens are seriously stunning.

    22. One of these mini terrariums will set you back less than £2.

    23. Choose your fave from these literary-themed tea blends! Options include Jane Austen and Louisa May Alcott-inspired brews.

    24. These jungle cat-themed A3 prints are purrfect.

    25. I love this foxy ring.

    26. These marble and wood coasters are just *chef's kiss*.

    27. These correction tapes are shaped like lil' donuts (aww).

    28. You can make your own reusable beeswax paper with this useful kit!

    29. This enchanting box is perfect for holding everything from a tarot deck to small bits and bobs like hair slides and guitar picks. Choose from four designs!

    30. These oven gloves have absolutely no right to be as pretty as they are.

    31. And nor does this peas-in-a-pod keyring either, TBH.

    32. These hand-shaped paper clips double up as fun bookmarks.

    33. And last but not least, these adorable lil' knitted "Blips" are designed to make whoever owns them feel better (honestly, just looking at these has lifted my mood).