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    27 Products I Honestly Wasn't Sure Would Work Until I Saw The Reviews

    These only sound too good to be true.

    1. If the ratings are anything to go by, these teeth whitening strips are pretty good at their job.

    2. A headache relief stick sounds almost too good to be true, but it looks like this highly-rated one actually isn't.

    3. People really seem to love this lash-lengthening serum.

    4. These ethylene-absorbing discs will absorb all the fruit-rotting chemicals fresh produce releases, helping to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer.

    5. You can get rid of the bobbles on your clothes with this incredible machine, and you won't even have to worry about damaging the fabric.

    6. This screw-on shower head will reduce the amount of limescale in your shower and improve your water pressure at the same time. It's got the reviews to prove it, too!

    7. This maximum strength deodorant will stop you sweating for days at a time (I know, right?!).

    8. No, I didn't think you could sharpen your knives properly at home without one of those complicated buffer stick things, and yes this handy countertop knife sharpener proved me wrong.

    9. I love the idea of these personalised weatherproof bin stickers, but I wasn't sure how long they'd last. The reviews set me straight though!

    10. I'd heard of silicone baking mats before but wasn't sure about swapping my regular baking paper for them. Folks have really been won over by these ones though, and now I have been too!

    11. This double-sided scourer will clean your pots and pans using only water.

    12. This eco-friendly laundry egg promises to eliminate your need for laundry detergent entirely for over a year. TBH, I wouldn't have believed it either unless I'd gone through the glowing reviews!

    13. These watering globes can keep your plants hydrated for up to two weeks with zero effort from you (yes, really).

    14. If the reviews are anything to go by, the before-and-after pics of this mould remover spray are pretty accurate.

    15. If this copper tongue scraper is new to you, its reviews really make the case for trying it out.

    16. Clean your most precious stuff as quickly (and safely) as possible with this handy jewellery cleaning pen, which is strong enough to thoroughly clean gems and precious metals without damaging them.

    17. These poaching bags will make it easier to cook up the perfect egg without those wispy egg white tendrils clouding up your pan!

    18. These elastic suspenders will keep your fitted sheet in place no matter what size your mattress is.

    19. The reviews for these spot-covering, zit-healing hydrocolloid patches took me from "surely these can't work as well as they claim they do" to "OMG I need five packs".

    20. These self-adhesive clips really will prevent your shower curtain from sticking to you.

    21. This blackhead remover vacuum sounds unusual, but it actually does exactly what it promises to do.

    22. These double-sided eyeglass cleaners will tackle both sides of your specs at once.

    23. This vitamin C serum will exfoliate and brighten your skin.

    24. Clear out your kettle with this drop-in descaler bag. You just pop the descaler in your kettle, put it on to boil, leave for ten minutes, and pour out the water!

    25. Place this cooling gel insert into your pillow for a refreshing night's sleep.

    26. These ant baits will tackle your infestation at its source!

    27. Make sure your fridge shelves are protected (and ensure your food stays clean too) with these liners.