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    27 Products To Help Make Your Home Unrecognisably Clean For Christmas

    Because yes, the Big Christmas Clean is definitely a thing.

    1. Dust can make it hard for decorations to adhere to surfaces, making this telescopic fluffy duster a festive must-have.

    2. The iconic Tubshroom is a cult-status product for a reason – it's as effective as it is easy to use, and people say it picks up the fine hairs that other drain covers miss.

    3. I really wish I'd known about this flexible brush sooner. It'll help you to tackle everything from your drains to that grimy hole near the bottom of your fridge!

    4. Your tumble dryer will become cleaner and more efficient thanks to this vent and exhaust port-cleaning brush.

    5. I've used this mould removal spray myself and have been seriously impressed by the results! It's especially useful in the colder, wetter winter months.

    6. This fast-acting degreaser spray will remove the stickiness from your kitchen's surfaces.

    7. Not only will this genius mat protect your crisper drawer from dirt and leaks, it'll help to keep your fruit and veg fresher for longer too!

    8. If your wooden surfaces are always covered in mugs, chances are that they're looking a little worse for wear by now. This specially-designed furniture restorer will get rid of the ring marks and water stains that your cups can leave behind!

    9. Even your loo will be gleaming on the big day thanks to this limescale-busting pumice stone.

    10. And speaking of limescale, this descaler spray will banish the crust on your shower head in no time.

    11. Love to cook? Yeah, it looks like your baking trays are in for a pretty intense month. Don't worry though – this Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder will restore them to their former glory, even after very heavy use!

    12. You won't have to panic about running out of washing-up liquid while the shops are closed thanks to this genius double-sided wash pad. It'll clean your pots and pans using only water!

    13. Get your oven gleaming in preparation for Christmas dinner with the help of this Oven Brite deep-cleaning kit.

    14. Keep your stainless steel, chrome, and glass surfaces sparkling between deep cleans by nabbing these microfibre cloths.

    15. Remove fallen pine needles, pet hair, and more from your soft furnishings by nabbing this highly-rated lint roller.

    16. Your liners will stay leak-free when you use this absorbent Bin Buddy powder.

    17. These clever under-the-counter storage bins will make prepping food way less messy.

    18. Home cooks will seriously appreciate this extra-powerful hob cleaner. It's banished the persistent and burnt-on stains that some folks thought were beyond help!

    19. Remove soap scum, light limescale, and grease from your shower and sink with this well-reviewed spray.

    20. This antifungal grouting pen will leave the spaces in between your tiles looking fresher in no time.

    21. If you haven't heard of a rubber broom yet, allow me to change your life. It picks up fine hairs and cleans up stains, but the head is much easier to clean than a regular sweeping brush or mop!

    22. This tub cleaner will get your whirlpool bath *truly* clean.

    23. Some customers swear by this powerful stain remover to banish hard-to-budge marks.

    24. Sorry, but how satisfying do these microfibre blind cleaners look?!

    25. This shower shield solution will protect your unit from soap stains, fingerprints, and streaks.

    26. Get right under the rim of your loo with this double-sided toilet brush.

    27. Bring your grossest cups back to their former glory with the help of this fast-acting cleaning powder.

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