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    37 Teeny-Tiny Things That Will Probably Spark Huge Amounts Of Joy

    Little products, big joy.

    1. These astronaut earrings are incredible.

    2. These bookmarks are shaped like little sprouts (brb, about to get nine).

    3. These reusable silicone cupcake cases are shaped like lil' flowerpots(!!!).

    4. Relieve some stress with these handy squeeze pea pods.

    5. This lil' guy knows the tea.

    6. These gorgeous clips will transform your ~lewk~ in seconds.

    7. These cat pens are purrfect.

    8. This cloud-shaped bath bomb will leave a rainbow trail behind it as it fizzes.

    9. These cactus-shaped tea light candles will definitely grow on you.

    10. This fox-shaped toothbrush holder has a tiny suction cup at the back which will stick to ceramic, glass, and more.

    11. How adorable are these bag clips?!

    12. These silicone trays will turn your water into LEGO-shaped ice cubes.

    13. This boba-shaped Airpod case is just *chef's kiss*.

    14. These spoons just want to hang out.

    15. This lil' purse is designed to hold your pads and tampons in the cutest way possible.

    16. Check out these unbeleafably cute leaf memo pads!

    17. This mini planter will help to brighten up your desk.

    18. These cat coasters are purrfect!

    19. This salt and pepper shaker set is my new fave thing.

    20. I think about this cushion a lot.

    21. This pretty cup has a quacking surprise inside.

    22. Check out this eraser, which won't leave you with a big bill.

    23. These sushi socks look great folded up and on your feet.

    24. These plush panda-shaped fridge magnets get a 10/10 from me.

    25. This lil' witch works as a spoon holder and a steam release tool.

    26. Could these 3D stickers bee any cuter?

    27. These measuring spoons will make a serious splash.

    28. These pretty egg cups look top-tier.

    29. You can customise this gorgeous phone case with your name or any other lil' message!

    30. This ring holder/trinket tray combo is pretty and practical.

    31. This flower ring looks incredibly delicate.

    32. I'm not over this Loch Ness monster-shaped spaghetti spoon.

    33. Marvel fans will probably love this keyring!

    34. I'm just a little obsessed with this 16GB shark-shaped flash drive.

    35. This pink ring holder is gorgeous!

    36. I'm in love with this mermaid-hued nail polish from Rimmel.

    37. And last but most definitely not least, these earrings are perfect for Potterheads!