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    26 Incredible Pieces Of Stationery That Are So Cute It Almost Hurts

    Yeah, I'm gonna need all of these, thanks.

    1. These erasers are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like orange segments – and yes, they DO come in that adorable tin.

    2. These vitamin-shaped highlighters come in an adorable jar.

    3. Donut try to tell me you don't want this drawing pin cushion.

    4. BRB, about to buy all of these sloth-shaped picture hangers.

    5. Check out this adorable stapler!

    6. These sardine-shaped paperclips come in the cutest tin around.

    7. Brighten up your books with this adorable bookmark.

    8. This notebook really isn't playing around when it comes to looking great.

    9. I can't un-sea how cute these marine-themed sticky tabs are.

    10. These cat pens are purrfect.

    11. And these sticky notes are unbeleafably cute.

    12. Pick from one of three designs of this adorable pencil case.

    13. These pastel highlighters work just as well as the regular kind, but are way cuter.

    14. If you're after something fun AND functional, these clever sticky notes are just the ticket.

    15. This stellar journal is out of this world.

    16. This panda-shaped memo pad is bamboozlingly sweet (I'm so sorry).

    17. Or you can try these celestial ones that you won't be able to stop mooning over!

    18. Keep your pens looking sharp in this holder.

    19. These inky rose gold pens get a 10/10 from me.

    20. I'm going nuts for these erasers.

    21. This iridescent A5 ring binder is stunning.

    22. These correction tapes are shaped like mini milk bottles (aww).

    23. Potterheads will love this Marauder's Map notebook.

    24. These push pins are incredibly sweet.

    25. And so are these duck-shaped ones!

    26. And last but most definitely not least, these pens are just koalaty.