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    23 Cute Products That Can Transform Your Old Clothes Into New Outfits

    Here's how to transform your wardrobe without buying new clothes.

    1. These fun coloured shoelaces will totally transform your shoes (and you can co-ordinate them to your outfit, too!)

    2. One of these unisex braces, available in 26 different colours. Attach them to your skirt or to trousers for an instant wardrobe update!

    3. A metallic belt, perfect for defining your waist and making your clothes look more expensive. This one is available in gold, rose gold, and silver!

    4. These velvet scrunchies will bring a cute '90s vibe to your clothes, and because they come in so many different colours, you can change them up loads!

    5. Some perfect autumnal wine-coloured lipstick, because your face is the best accessory dahling.

    6. And speaking of autumn, this blanket scarf lets you change up your outfits in comfort. Plus, it's available in 25 different colours and patterns!

    7. A fake collar that will make people say "is that a new jumper?"

    8. Some drop earrings, which are a really effective way to style a look.

    9. Some headbands (Blair Waldorf made a point). Transform your look in seconds with one of these bad boys!

    10. Some coloured tights can take your fave skirt to a whole different place – these are available in 24 different shades, and run from sizes S-XL.

    11. A fake septum piercing, because you want people to say "who is she?"

    12. Some gold-coloured dress buttons, which you can sew onto any of your old clothes in minutes.

    13. These iron-on clothes patches are perfect for customising your stuff, and they're really easy to apply, too!

    14. Some choker necklaces, which add a little bit of something extra to your outfits.

    15. This absolutely perfect lil' cross-body bag, which goes with basically everything but still makes a statement.

    16. Some knee-high socks, which are great for adding some preppy goodness to shorts and skirts.

    17. This dramatic-but-wearable tassel waist belt, available in 14 different colours. (Plus, it's knotted and not buckled, so it'll fit a variety of sizes!)

    18. This metal stud kit is perfect for adding a bit of rock glam to your wardrobe, and it contains everything you need to apply them too!

    19. Some cute fashion glasses (these are available in 23 colours, and they're just the right mix of wearable and trendy.)

    20. Just a solid beanie, because they actually can make a look! This one comes in five different colours.

    21. Some fabric pens, which are an easy (and fun) way to upgrade your clothes.

    22. An embroidery kit to add some gorge old-timey touches to your stuff.

    23. And finally, a rhinestone kit for that extra sparkle!