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    47 Cute And Useful Things Under £6 That Are Basically Too Cheap To Regret Buying

    Including an insanely adorable panda magnet and a tap extender for under £2!

    1. These personalised wheelie bin stickers are completely weatherproof, and they'll be sent to you in the post via Royal Mail.

    2. These eyebrow razors will remove everything from fine hairs to dead skin in a slightly gross but incredibly satisfying way.

    3. This drop-in descaler bag will remove the limescale from your kettle in about ten minutes (yessss).

    4. Keep your counters clean while you're cooking with this (low-key genius) silicone utensils holder.

    5. This reusable shopping bag folds up to form a sheep when it's not in use (aww).

    6. These plush panda-shaped magnets are almost unbearably cute.

    7. You can really ~get into~ cleaning those hard-to-reach spots in your home by using these OXO brushes.

    8. These drain sticks slowly dissolve in your plug holes, taking out any grime and grease with them as they do.

    9. Keep your sheets in place no matter how much you toss and turn at night by using these sheet suspenders.

    10. This pocket hug is almost too cute to handle. You can even personalise the message on the card!

    11. How stunning is this celestial bookmark?!

    12. This Mindfulness Puzzle Book isn't your standard puzzle book – it's way prettier.

    13. You can illuminate everything from jars to bed frames with these wired fairy lights.

    14. This selection of Japanese sweets comes in the cutest packaging imaginable.

    15. This set of three collagen-enriched face masks will make you feel seriously ~luxe~.

    16. If you've been running a lot lately, this blister plaster could be seriously handy.

    17. I am absolutely not over these peanut-shaped erasers.

    18. Treat your hair, skin, and bed to this luxurious satin pillowcase.

    19. Choose your initials from these battery-powered lights which come in all the letters of the alphabet.

    20. These bear-shaped slippers are incredibly cute.

    21. Yeah, I'm going to need this miniature dino night light immediately, thanks.

    22. Could this ceramic plant pot bee any cuter?!

    23. These under-the-counter waste bins will make cooking so much easier (and cleaner).

    24. Keep your fridge clean with this pack of four washable liners.

    25. This makeup brush cleaning mat has suction cups on the back so it won't budge when you're using it.

    26. This non-slip bath mat has no reason to be as cute as it is, but here we are.

    27. Organise your space with one of these hanging storage units.

    28. This pompom garland is gorgeous.

    29. Treat your skin with this trio of clay masks.

    30. You can dry your makeup sponge after you've washed it with this specially-designed holder.

    31. This eight-inch chef's knife is a stainless steal right now (I'm so sorry).

    32. Revive your wilted plants with this nutrient-packed feed.

    33. These pastel-hued highlighters are pretty and practical.

    34. These stainless steel cat spoons are purrfect.

    35. This Totoro toothbrush holder has suction cups on its back that adhere to everything from glass to ceramic.

    36. These egg-poaching bags will help you to make a perfect breakfast and ensure a cleaner pan than you'd have otherwise. What's not to love?

    37. This reusable non-stick silicone baking mat has handy measurements printed onto it.

    38. This Bin Buddy powder will absorb any spills and leaks in your bin before they have a chance to fester and stink.

    39. Make sure you know whose charger is whose with these cable labels.

    40. This flexible tropical-look ice cube tray is perfect for summer.

    41. These astronaut earrings are gorgeous for no reason and I am extremely here for it.

    42. This Henry the hoover-shaped screen cleaner is as adorable as it is effective.

    43. This takeaway dice will help you decide what to order for dinner, and can even inspire a home-cooked meal!

    44. This oven glove is incredibly durable.

    45. These zit-zapping, spot-camouflaging hydrocolloid patches come in a handy pack of 24.

    46. This rose water spray works as an effective-but-gentle toner.

    47. This flexible stainless steel tap extender is an absolute bargain.

    Me after buying almost everything on this list:

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