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    33 Cult-Status Products Whose Rave Reviews Prove They're Worth The Hype

    It turns out that people have great taste!

    1. Want to give The Ordinary a go but aren't sure where to start? I swear by their exfoliating and brightening lactic acid.

    2. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure really evenly, so you won't get kinks in your hair or suffer ponytail-induced headaches!

    3. Oral-B electric toothbrushes are popular for a reason! This 'Pro 650' cross-action brush has a two-minute timer, and customers say it's really powerful too.

    4. This Denman shower brush will massage your scalp and lather your shampoo at the same time.

    5. Transform your skin with the iconic Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask! It contains hydrating watermelon extract and exfoliating AHA compounds.

    6. This triple-pack of Crest whitening toothpaste has gotten some rave reviews. Customers say they've noticed a difference after just a few uses!

    7. If you've ever tried this cult-status matte setting spray from NYX, you'll understand why 85% of its 50,000+ ratings are either four or five stars.

    8. This Scrub Daddy washing-up sponge changes texture according to the temperature of the water you run it under. It'll stay firm in cold water to tackle tough stains without scratching your dishes, and it softens up in warmer liquid for lighter washing!

    9. You just can't beat a good toastie, and this Breville panini press makes them brilliantly.

    10. You'll finally be able to hang up that photo without having to whip the toolbox out thanks to these Command strips!

    11. I'd been thinking about buying the iconic Instant Pot for a while, but wasn't sure if I would ever actually use it. I'm now relying on this genius gadget almost every day — I just chuck some ingredients in it before I start my WFH day and tuck into a delicious, low-hassle meal after I've finished!

    12. I missed the office coffee machine and was delighted to discover that this Bialetti espresso maker produces even better brews!

    13. This mini e.l.f eyeshadow palette is perfect for day-to-day wear! Its shades are impressively highly-pigmented, so you won't have to spend ages building them up.

    14. Smooth and strengthen your tresses with Olaplex's No.3 'Hair Perfector'.

    15. Conceal dark circles, spots, and other blemishes with this brightening 'Age Rewind' concealer from Maybelline. There's a handy applicator at its top that means won't have to fish around in your makeup bag for a brush or sponge!

    16. Create effortless Hollywood waves with this deep-barrel styler from Toni & Guy (goodbye, fiddly rollers).

    17. If you've been seeing OGX's biotin and collagen conditioner all over your Instagram explore page, it's because its sulphate-free formula genuinely is great at protecting your hair.

    18. It looks like *that* Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline has truly wowed users.

    19. I absolutely HAD to include this Tower air fryer! It makes food crispy by circulating air around it rather than submerging it in oil, its detachable drawer is incredibly easy to clean, and as if all that wasn't enough, it comes with a timer and temperature control functions too.

    20. These colour-changing LED backlights don't just make your living room look more ~vibey~ — they're a great way to reduce your eye strain too!

    21. If the reviews are anything to go by, it looks like the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    22. This Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder will deep-clean your pots, pans, and baking trays, along with other parts of your kitchen!

    23. This 'Living the Dream' dry shampoo from TIGI Bed Head pretty much became my ride or die the instant I started using it.

    24. Gently exfoliate *and* cleanse your face thanks to this BHA cleanser from Paula's Choice. Customers say it's helped to unclog their pores and smoothen their skin!

    25. Hydrate your hands without leaving a greasy finish behind with this hand cream from O'Keeffe's.

    26. Stila's 'Stay All Day' waterproof liquid liner is beloved by beauty buffs. Reviewers say it stays put for hours, and many rave about its smooth, inky-black finish!

    27. This four-kilogram weighted blanket is a steal at less than £25.

    28. You'll feel like a TikTok influencer after nabbing this remote-control galaxy light. It has multiple colour and pattern settings, it can move in time to music, AND it doubles up a speaker – you're definitely getting your money's worth with this thing!

    29. Good moisturisers are incredibly important, but you don't need to splash out on big-name brands to get the best results. This CeraVe one has wowed reviewers!

    30. Perfect that Insta-worthy flick with these eyeliner stamp pens! You'll get one for each eye.

    31. Treat yourself to this Le Creuset stoneware mug! It's available in 15 different colours.

    32. Joseph Joseph's expanding organiser is the perfect way to keep your cutlery drawer neat.

    33. This Shark vacuum cleaner has got a comb in its head that means hair won't wrap around its bristles! It'll take you seamlessly from carpets to hard floors too.

    These products living up to their hype: