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14 Creepy Google Maps Images It Honestly Feels Like We Were Never Meant To See

I'm pretty spooked, NGL.

With Halloween so close by, we thought we'd share the Google Maps images that are so bone-chilling at first glance, they feel forbidden. While most of them have perfectly reasonable explanations, all are creepy to look at — so we thought we'd share 14 examples.

1. The car that solved a crime...

2. ...and the OTHER car that solved another crime.

3. The UF-no.

4. This girl who looks, well, troubled.

5. This image that doesn't not look like a submerged plane.

6. These pigeon people in West Tokyo.

7. The pentagram park in Kazakhstan.

8. This ominous-looking pier in the Netherlands.

9. This man's spliced leg.

10. The mannequins in Chile that are NOT TERRIFYING AT ALL.

11. This sea... being... that had people in a tizzy.

12. The glitch that meant an entire street in Baltimore once looked haunted.

13. This teriffying sight.

14. This portal to another dimension.

Have any more bone-chilling images? Let us know in the comments below!