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    33 Clothes So Comfy You Might Actually Wear Them During The Day Instead Of Your PJs

    Because we've all told ourselves we'll wear jeans one of these days, and that day never comes for anyone.

    1. If the prospect of underwires seems basically insulting to you at the moment, we're in the same boat pal. This gorgeous green bra has no wires and it looks cute AF!

    2. I simply cannot get over how gorgeous this summer-ready embroidered dress is.

    3. Pop this blue organza wrap shirt over a vest or even a great bra for instant model-on-a-holiday vibes.

    4. These cotton dungarees are way comfier than the regular denim kind but look just as good. They're available in indigo and black too!

    5. This effortless boho-chic shirt gives very "lounging under a cherry blossom tree" vibes, even when you're just wearing it on a Zoom call at your dining room table.

    6. These wide-leg trousers come in a whole range of different colours, including a light washed-denim blue and green.

    7. These soft culottes are perfect if you want to give your legs some room to breathe, but don't necessarily want to wear short shorts at home. Plus, I mean, they look incredible.

    8. This stunning midi skirt proves that sometimes, florals for spring CAN be groundbreaking.

    9. This puff-sleeve mesh top is about as glam as you can get while staying wearable and comfy.

    10. This chiffon dress is light, breathable, and most importantly, absolutely stunning.

    11. This lilac T-shirt dress says spring has SPRUNG (or, you know, at least clambered out of bed five minutes before a work video call).

    12. Sorry, but how gorge is this high-neck top?!

    13. This understated T-shirt dress is the perfect combo of comfy and pretty.

    14. This fit-and-flare jumpsuit looks like a work outfit and feels like pyjamas. I mean, come on.

    15. This cotton crêpe dress is very "Marie Antoinette on a day trip to her farm", and I'm honestly here for it.

    16. Pull-on trousers that look dressy? We say yes, thanks.

    17. This broderie anglaise top gets a 10/10 from me.

    18. These short leggings are available in a whole variety of prints and colours!

    19. This rugby top-inspired dress is a touchdown IMO.

    20. This puff-sleeve blouse looks incredibly classy and feels incredibly soft (the dream duo TBH).

    21. This better-than-half-price chiffon skirt is elegant and low-effort, so you'll look more put-together in no time.

    22. This mixed-print mini dress has no right to be as cute as it is, but here we are.

    23. This floral blouse is the cream of the crop.

    24. This black drawstring jumpsuit is a real stunner.

    25. I'm just saying, on video chat this shirt dress would look highly professional without the discomfort of you having to tuck it into trousers.

    26. This ribbed white shirt will go with almost everything in your wardrobe.

    27. This utility-style loungewear will have you jumping for joy (I'm so sorry).

    28. You really can't go too far wrong with leggings, and these high-waisted ones are some of the best.

    29. This drapey white top looks effortlessly glam because, well, it is.

    30. This sky-blue sweater dress is just *chef's kiss*.

    31. This boxy white shirt is 50% understated, 50% edgy, and 100% gorgeous. Oh, and it's made from organic cotton too!

    32. This belted denim shirt will make you feel so much more put together, even if you DO have PJ bottoms on underneath it.

    33. Brighten up your day with this bold swing dress.