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    21 Cleaning Products That Work So Well, You'll Probably End Up Telling Everyone You Know About Them

    Friends don't let friends live without rubber brooms.

    1. This drain-clearing fluid will dissolve almost every blockage it comes into contact with, from grease to hair.

    2. If you haven't heard of a rubber broom yet, allow me to change your life. It picks up fine hairs and cleans up stains, but the head is way easier to clean than a regular sweeping brush or mop!

    3. You'll be able to get your headlights sparkling again in no time thanks to this easy-to-use restoration fluid.

    4. And while we're on the topic, this interior shampoo is a great way to get your car seats looking as good as new again. In fact, it works on all synthetic upholstery!

    5. This antifungal grout-reviving pen will brighten the spaces in between your tiles.

    6. This limescale-busting spray will remove the buildup on your shower head in minutes.

    7. Dishwashers and washing machines can get blocked up with limescale and soap deposits over time. This handy cleaner will descale and deep-clean your machines!

    8. If you want to get rid of that annoying residue from sticky tape or stickers, this highly-rated remover is here to help. It works for chewing gum and wax, too!

    9. If you're sick of those scummy lil' bits floating on top of your tea (the worst), these reusable descaler balls will tackle the problem at its source.

    10. Clean off those marks on your wall without damaging the paint underneath by using this Magic Eraser from Flash. It'll work on other parts of your home too, like bathtubs and hobs!

    11. These citrus-scented gel stamps will release dirt-busting components every time you flush, and they'll leave your loo smelling fresher too.

    12. This mould remover spray has gotten literally thousands of five-star reviews for a reason.

    13. These low-key genius drain sticks will make your plugholes smell better and become less congested – just pop them in your drains and walk away.

    14. If your fave mug is looking a little worse for wear, this specially-designed cleaning powder is well worth a try.

    15. These carpet cleaners are the perfect low-effort, high-impact way to transform your living room.

    16. This Bin Buddy powder will absorb all the excess liquid in your liners. It works equally well for indoor and outdoor bins!

    17. Keep your stainless steel surfaces streak and smudge-free with this specially-designed cloth.

    18. This incredibly versatile cream cleaner works just as well on carpets as it does on metal, wood, clothing, and leather. Folks say it's amazingly effective!

    19. If you're a little bit obsessive about getting your glasses gleaming, we have something in common. This citrus-scented rinse aid from Finish is really highly-rated!

    20. I can't believe I don't own this clever shower squeegee already.

    21. If your hob is in need of some TLC, this gentle-but-effective cleaner is perfect for the job.

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