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    22 Low-Effort Products To Try If You Love A Clean House But Hate Actually *Cleaning* Your House

    I contain multitudes, okay?

    1. If you've ever looked at the built-up ice in your freezer and thought "yeah, I'm not dealing with that", these genius non-stick liners are here to help.

    2. This rubber broom might (and no, I'm not being dramatic here) actually change your life. It works as a squeegee, a brush, a pet hair remover, and loads more!

    3. Keep your sink or draining board stain and scratch-free with this clever mat.

    4. Keep your countertops clean with this clip-on bag holder.

    5. This specially-designed cloth will get rid of those annoying water stains and mug rings in just a couple of swipes.

    6. These drop-in-and-you're-done drain sticks are honestly a lazy/clean person's dream.

    7. Anyone who's ever had to clean out their fridge will understand why I had to include these clever shelf-protecting liners.

    8. Cleaning the grease from my ancient extractor fan seemed like an insurmountable task, but this highly-rated degreaser spray made the job really easy.

    9. This powerful unblocker will dissolve any grease and hair it encounters in your drains, because honestly? I am not about to fish around in there.

    10. You know that awkward space between your oven and countertops that gets filled with dust, stains, and crumbs? These silicone strips are designed to cover it quickly and effectively, so you'll never have to wonder how to clean The Gap again!

    11. Wondering how to use this genius descaler ball? You place it inside your washing machine or dishwasher, and then – oh wait, that's it. For up to five years. Yeah, I'll take one ASAP, thanks.

    12. Cleaning out an oven is the worst kitchen task around IMO, so I'm very glad these Teflon liners are here to help.

    13. Bust through that annoying limescale buildup on your shower head in less than five minutes with the help of this fast-acting spray.

    14. Ever spent ages scrubbing the spaces in between your tiles only for the grouting to look exactly the same afterwards? This brightening pen is here to solve that problem.

    15. If your fave mug is looking a little worse for wear (we've all been there), it might be time to try this stain-removing powder.

    16. This toilet rim block will release a fresh scent and some powerful cleaning agents every time you flush.

    17. This magic eraser has wowed reviewers who love how fast-acting it is!

    18. The iconic Tubshroom is a cult-status product for a reason – it's as effective as it is easy to use.

    19. I can't stop thinking about these genius sponges. They'll get rid of the stains and marks from your most-used pots and pans in no time!

    20. You'll basically be able to valet your car for less than a tenner with this interior shampoo! It works on all synthetic upholstery.

    21. Cleanse AND deodorise your washing machine drum in one cycle with this antibacterial cleaning fluid from Dettol.

    22. You can't go too far wrong with some powerful cleaning wipes, especially when they're as highly-rated as these ones are.

    You after cleaning your entire home with these products:

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