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    I Put 19 Best-Selling Cleaning Products To The Test – Here's What Happened

    Spoiler alert: there are some seriously satisfying before-and-after pics in here.

    Hi! My name's Amy, and I'm a little bit obsessed with cleaning products (I used to be a cleaner, so I know how much of a difference good-quality supplies make). I also write about them a LOT in my articles, so I thought I'd put my two passions together and put our best sellers to the test!

    1. I mean, the results of this this Bar Keeper's Friend powder speak for themselves.

    2. My flat's grouting has gotten fairly grubby over time, and scrubbing in between the tiles doesn't always solve the problem. This grouting pen is a low-effort solution – I liked how smoothly the product went onto my walls!

    3. Like most homes in the UK, my flat is in a hard water area. I avoid having to deep-clean the limescale from my kettle by using this drop-in descaler ball instead! I just popped it in and continued to use the appliance as normal while it worked its magic (so low-hassle).

    4. Of course, limescale doesn't only appear in my kettle – it shows up in loads of other water-heavy areas too. This incredible descaler spray transformed my shower head in no time, and it even removed buildup from the hardest-to-reach nooks and crannies.

    5. I swear by this low-hassle rim block to keep my loo fresh between deep cleans. It releases cleaning agents every time I flush, and it smells incredible too!

    6. Anyone who likes to cook will know that hobs can get icky REALLY quickly. My favourite ring burner seemed impossible to clean, but these magic eraser sponges did a pretty good job!

    7. Mould is a pretty common problem in the UK, and our flat is no exception. This removal spray banished the unsightly marks from our ceiling where nothing else had worked!

    8. The Pink Stuff paste is a cult-status product for a reason – it'll clean everything from metal to tiles! I was amazed by how quickly and effectively it got rid of the hard-to-budge rust under my shower.

    9. This shower squeegee prevents soap scum from building up on our unit's glass.

    10. This glass and mirror spray got rid of those annoying specks on my window in just a couple of swipes.

    11. I share my flat with a few other people, so it's no wonder that our shower drain sometimes gets clogged up with hair. This powerful unblocker got our water running freely again!

    12. And these drain sticks keep my plugholes clean on a more everyday basis.

    13. When it comes to smooth, reflective surfaces (like glass, ceramic, and stainless steel), regular sprays and cloths just don't cut it. You know what does, though? These simple but effective microfibre cloths!

    14. These leather cleaning and conditioning wipes transformed my chair and sofa cushions in seconds.

    15. And this wood polish spray did a pretty great job of upgrading my countertops, too!

    16. The floor in our kitchen is painted white, which means any spills and stains show up immediately. We always keep these Dettol wipes on-hand in case we spot a mark – I like their lemon scent, and the fabric is really tough.

    17. These Dishmatic brushes dispense washing-up liquid straight from their heads, which is 1) convenient and 2) a great way to limit your use of washing-up liquid.

    18. My flat has an ancient extractor fan that gets visibly greasy really quickly. This powerful degreaser spray made cleaning the panels WAY less daunting!

    19. And last but not least, can we take a moment to appreciate these trusty Marigold gloves? I've had mine for a couple of months now – they're really thick and durable!

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