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    21 Cheap Products To Help You Look After Your Expensive Stuff

    To keep everything from dishwashers to diamonds at their best!

    1. Silicone charger savers will prevent that (super annoying) frayed cable problem!

    2. This jewellery cleaner will keep your most precious possessions sparkling.

    3. Keep your fave clothes looking great with this fabric shaver from Philips, which will get rid of the bobbles on your clothes without cutting into the fabric itself.

    4. Mattresses are wildly expensive, so it makes sense to keep yours in good shape for as long as possible. This mattress cleaner removes even stubborn stains!

    5. Finding a good bra can take years, so it's incredibly frustrating when your favourite one starts to feel uncomfortable. These bra extension hooks solve that problem for less than a fiver!

    6. If you've got a really ~fancy~ pair of shoes, it might be worth your while to try this waterproofing spray.

    7. Speaking of which, your suede items will last longer and look better if you invest in a suede brush (and by "invest", I actually mean "spend under £3 on").

    8. If you haven't bought yourself a screen protector for your phone yet, consider this a sign. This one fits most iPhones and has great reviews!

    9. Your electronics can be damaged from the inside as well as the outside. This Norton security deluxe kit is a great way to keep yourself or someone you know safe online!

    10. A great knife is vital to any home chef, but keeping them sharp can be a hassle. This countertop knife sharpener will solve that problem in a safe and easy-to-use way.

    11. Dishwashers and washing machines can get blocked up with limescale and soap deposits over time. This handy cleaner will cut through all that stuff and deeply clean your machines in no time!

    12. And once you've done a big clear-out of your machines, consider using this anti-limescale ball to keep them from getting clogged and slowed down again!

    13. Spent a fortune on that blonde bombshell look, or splashed the cash for some balayage? Keep your hair blonder for longer and get rid of brassy undertones with this sulphate-free purple shampoo.

    14. This beeswax polish will upgrade any slightly scruffy-looking wooden surfaces in no time.

    15. These carpet cleaners are the perfect low-effort, high-impact way to transform your living room.

    16. If you own a bike but haven't got a repair kit already, now might be the time to fix that.

    17. Keep your hob sparkling with this cleaner.

    18. Get your pots and pans looking top-notch again with some of this Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder, which will cut through even the toughest of stains.

    19. Magic Erasers will brighten up your walls, taps, tiles, bath, sink, and so much more using only water.

    20. Make that bottle of wine last way longer without the fear of it getting that vinegar-y taste with this simple but effective stopper.

    21. This leather recolouring balm works equally well on your fave leather jacket and your sofa cushions.