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    32 Products Under £10 To Try If Your Standards Are High But Your Budget Is Low

    There are some seriously good finds in here!

    1. The bristles of this toilet brush are made from silicone, so nothing will get stuck to them! The holder has a handy drainage system too, meaning you won't have to deal with The Dreaded Puddle.

    2. These electric toothbrush holders have self-adhesive backings for easy installation.

    3. This stunning nail polish changes colour according to the temperature of the room it's in.

    4. Is it weird that this pizza cutter is my style icon?

    5. This rubber hot water bottle comes with an adorable fluffy cover!

    6. This amber and rose-scented candle is a steal at less than £6.

    7. Plumpen, brighten, *and* exfoliate your skin at the same time with this vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum.

    8. Your soap will drain effortlessly when you use this clever holder.

    9. This cauldron-shaped oil burner is frankly bewitching.

    10. These foot peel masks totally transformed my cracked heels.

    11. Keep your herbs alive with minimal effort by using this self-watering plant pot.

    12. These cedar wood rings naturally repel moths, making them a great addition to your wardrobe.

    13. Not only is this shower curtain absolutely stunning, it's completely wipeable and mildew-resistant too.

    14. Sorry, but how delicious do these marshmallow-filled hot chocolate bombes look?!

    15. NGL, I ordered this kilo of pick 'n' mix sweets the second I saw it.

    16. Get glowing with this highlighter palette!

    17. I'm just saying, customers have really been wowed by this toilet stool that can allow you to, erm, relax.

    18. Don't mind me, just ordering this mason jar-shaped soap dispenser ASAP.

    19. You can whip out this phone and tablet stand whenever you need to use your device hands-free, like when you're following a recipe.

    20. Make your kitchen feel like a coffee shop with this milk frother.

    21. Store your razor the smart and easy way by snapping up this suction cup holder. It'll stick to ceramic and glass!

    22. Keep your clothes smelling fresh (and prevent them from falling victim to mildew) by nabbing this hanging wardrobe dehumidifier!

    23. Your kettle will stay crust-free thanks to this descaler ball. Just pop it in and continue using your appliance as usual – mineral deposits will collect in between its wires rather than on the inside of your appliance!

    24. The batteries in these fairy lights are held in cork-shaped receptacles, so they'll seamlessly fit into your bottles and jars.

    25. If you're tired of cleaning your loo only to realise that bleach won't budge the limescale buildup at its base, this highly effective pumice stone is here to help.

    26. This Bar Keepers Friend cleaning powder will make your grimiest kitchen utensils look as good as new again, so you'll be motivated to get cooking!

    27. Whip up some fluffy microwaved baked potatoes in minutes with this nifty gadget.

    28. Love the look of plants but hate the hassle of watering them? Same. We should both snap up these artificial ferns that require zero effort to maintain!

    29. Add some low-hassle storage to your space with these self-adhesive hooks.

    30. This bath and pedestal mat set looks much more expensive than it actually is.

    31. There's something so effortlessly chic about these abstract prints.

    32. And these earrings are the perfect mix of elegant and *dramatic*!

    These products delivering beyond their price tag: