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    27 Cheap Products From Amazon That People Say Really Work

    Either we've used them, reviewers loved them, or both! (Oh, and they're all under £10, too).

    1. This cult-status eyebrow dye claims to last for up to six weeks. Four weeks in, I have yet to be let down! (Also, you can see I have a gap in one eyebrow from an old scar, but this tint helps cover it well enough that I don't have to pencil it in when I'm popping out to the shops.)

    2. I've been hugely impressed by these hydrocolloid patches, which heal and clear up my spots at the same time. Judging by their rave reviews, it looks like I'm not the only one who's been wowed!

    3. This drop-in descaler bag will get rid of the crust inside your kettle in 10 minutes (I know, right?!).

    4. This highly-rated shampoo works for all synthetic upholstery! Customers say it's as easy to use as it is effective.

    5. This AHA and BHA peeling solution from The Ordinary really does live up to the hype. I find it really brightens and exfoliates my skin, and just a little goes a really long way!

    6. I've used these incredibly effective ant baits myself, so I can vouch for their rave reviews! They tackle infestations at their source by ensuring worker ants bring the poisoned food these contain back to their queen.

    7. This double-sided scourer will clean tough food residue from your pots and pans using only water. We tried it for ourselves and were seriously impressed!

    8. This Seche Vite topcoat has a cult following for a reason. It'll make your manicures last way longer without chipping – everyone I know who's tried it has been wowed by the results!

    9. Folks say these stunning clips look just as good IRL as they do in the promo pictures.

    10. This eyeshadow palette has gotten over 2,900 rave reviews, which is even MORE impressive when you consider that it costs less than a fiver.

    11. Reviewers say these cooling gel inserts are a great way to enjoy a refreshing night's sleep. You won't even need to refrigerate them before use thanks to their stay-cool filling!

    12. It looks like this antifungal grout pen has made a pretty positive impact on reviewers, with many saying it's brightened the space in between their tiles with minimal effort.

    13. Based on its reviews, it looks like this mould remover spray actually does live up to its before and after pictures.

    14. This lash-lengthening serum gives stunning results!

    15. This levomenthol 4head stick claims to reduce the symptoms of your headache in less than two minutes. If the reviews are anything to go by, it's got to be doing something right!

    16. These personalised wheelie bin stickers are completely weatherproof.

    17. These fabric combs are great at removing the bobbles and lint from your clothing in minutes.

    18. I swear by this Driclor antiperspirant that prevents excess sweating for days, not hours. It looks like I'm not alone, either!

    19. This highly-rated clay face mask will draw out impurities from your skin without stripping it of moisture.

    20. This collapsible mini funnel is a great way to transfer liquid from one container to another without any spills. It folds flat when it's not in use for easy storage!

    21. This vitamin C serum will brighten and revitalise your skin.

    22. These drain-clearing sachets have inspired hundreds of people to give it four or five stars.

    23. This degreaser spray is called 'Elbow Grease' for a reason – it'll cut through the stickiness on your kitchen surfaces quickly and effectively!

    24. These astronaut earrings are gorgeous for no reason, and I am extremely here for it.

    25. This knife sharpener has a PowerGrip suction cup at its base, which means it won't budge from your countertops or table when you're using it.

    26. These honeycomb drawer organisers click into place for easy installation.

    27. This copper tongue scraper is a great way to get your mouth thoroughly clean. Reviewers say it's surprisingly comfortable to use!

    Me reading the rave reviews for these products: